As you know, it is always easier to tear down than to create. This is the best wisdom suitable to clarify the situation around the plans of major data centre in Visaginas on the basis of the infrastructure decommissioned Ignalina NPP. In 2016 a group of Visaginas of the public movement “the Visaginas — that’s us!” voiced the idea of using the infrastructure of the Ignalina NPP to create Europe’s largest data center.

For reference: data center or Central data storage and processing is a specialized building for accommodation (hosting) of server and network equipment and connection of subscribers to channels of the Internet. Such systems consume a lot of energy and need constant cooling so that the equipment does not overheat. Not less important and safety — equipment is very expensive and is often used for very important purposes.

As world practice shows, the site stopped nuclear power plants is the best suited for this kind of activities: a huge, carefully guarded territory, integrated power system, infrastructure, buildings and existing cooling system, which is important because data center uses a tremendous amount of energy must be kept cool.

Since the advent of the idea of its initiators spoke of the need for fullest possible use of the infrastructure of a nuclear power station without going on a very simple way — its destruction. Although the cheaper to break than to build, but not in this case. The initiators of the placement of the data center in Visaginas provided everything, explaining to the public that the benefits will be greater if you stop the dismantling of the INPP, in the final, which includes the so-called “green lawn”.

“This is a great alternative for the city, as well as huge savings to the state and European money”, — said one of the members of the initiative group of Igor Davidyuk. In addition, a major center of technology will attract the company’s satellites, which will help to significantly revitalize the region. In addition to the obvious investment benefits, it talks about the fact that the excess energy generated by the data center, and the warm water from cooling the perimeter can be used to heat the city and for different interesting projects.

It should be noted that the idea of creating a major data center in Lithuania is not unique. Several years ago the social organization Investuok Lietuvoje as a project for possible foreign investment have considered the option of constructing the data center on the basis of the infrastructure Cruesli HPP. Currently added to your project and Ignalina NPP. Three years of working on the idea, unfortunately, has not received from the leadership of the city to the great support by the members of the initiative group were done — the idea was presented at various summits, was approved by the Ministry of economy. However, according to the initiators, must be a political decision, as well as changes in the law that allows such activities on the territory of the protected sanitary zone within a radius of three kilometers from the INPP.

And now — good news! On June 6 of this year amended the law on the conditions of use of land for special purpose of the Republic of Lithuania article 53 the use of land in the area of health protection. 4 part of the law the new interpretation says that in the zone of sanitary protection of objects of nuclear power of possible other activities unrelated to nuclear power. To build, to operate, to stop the exploitation and monitor the activities of the closed radioactive waste repository, but only with the permission of the Minister of energy, Minister of health and in compliance of the order established by the State inspection of security of nuclear energy (VATESI). We can say that one of the first difficult obstacle to overcome through joint efforts. What’s next?

“We have the right infrastructure, facilities that you can use tomorrow. And we are going to dismantle. The climate and the ecosystem we’re a perfect fit. It is necessary to revise the strategy, save the fact that it is possible to use, to abandon plans for analysis of the INPP up to the “green lawn”. And this must be done as soon as possible, because tomorrow may be too late,” — said the member of initiative group Eugene Shuklin.

According to preliminary forecasts of the consulting company Gartner, specializing in the markets of information technology, global spending on data centers in 2020 will resume growth at least 1.7 percent (about 207 billion dollars). Most funds in the centers of processing and storage invest such well-known companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. in Lithuania there is still a chance to get a piece of the pie. As you know, the European Parliament after long negotiations approved a financing plan of removing the INPP operation for the period from 2021 to 2027 years, by allocating for this purpose an amount of $ 780 million Euro. Not difficult to guess that to change the strategy will need twice more effort as well as the firm position of the government, interested in the strong economic future of Lithuania.

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