Often the repairs come phones, for which this is not the first “visit” service center. Our Meizu M6 — just the same from these “experienced”.

Characteristic cracks for displays-analogues (thin glass, high education glass chips), dark blue box proximity sensor/light and dried glue. Take the new module and will proceed with the repairs.

With an eye on Apple, Meizu with the first models equipped with their phones the same lower pair of screws with Torx pentalobe hat. Unscrew both. Even on the remains of the plastic, but the back cover they still hold, will prevent further damage.

Now removable tray for SIM-cards. If staples or needles at hand was not, you can hook a thin and flat tool.

It is small, spatula to parse a detachable rear cover and remove it.

Under the hood we are waiting for the main Board with the desired connections. All securely closed plastic bezel on the seven screws.

After receiving the access Board immediately disconnected the battery.

Due to the specific plume touchscreen we need to dismantle the charge, disconnect from it all components checked. After this fee is easily removed.

That’s the reason why we had to disassemble the cost. Train on the touchscreen with conductive pads which are connected to the fee through flexible contacts. The same reason will not allow us to test the new module without uninstalling the old one. So let’s do that.

Sent the phone to warm up by termokimik. 99 degrees and 3 minutes is enough to display with factory sizing. In our case the display is practically fell out after 30 seconds.

For the time that has passed since the first (or first?) display replacement, he crammed a fair amount of dust and dirt, which he bad kept.

At the bottom of the glue dried up in virtually the form in which it is inflicted. This often happens when there is insufficient pressure display to the frame.

Putting the phone to check, insert the new display, the return fee and all connection to place and fasten the plastic overlay in place. The pad will need to fix two screws, then the flexible contacts provide reliable connections with a touchscreen.

After starting the machine check the functionality of the display module. The image quality, uneven illumination, and there are no any distortions or graphical artifacts. Touch screen check the “improvised” tools: drag and drop icons, pulling blinds and scrolling lists.

The parts are examined, and then will install. Here is simple: clean the frame from old glue and dirt, degrease with alcohol and apply glue B-7000. Give it a little dry (5-10 minutes) and the insert display.

We recommend you to press the display to the housing by means of special pegs. If you don’t have to send the phone of a yoke or use office rubber bands.

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