Some time ago Apple removed from the App Store, the genre of “Arcade”. He was replaced by “Casual”. According to some experts, so kupertinovtsy decided to “leave” is a word exclusively for their own gaming service.

Along with this, the experts fear that in the future such actions by Apple may lead to unwanted litigation. So if the company is to associate the word “Arcade” with its game service, and not with arcade games, cupertinos theoretically can start to sue on all projects that use the word “Arcade” in the title.

It should be noted that some grounds for such fears the experts have. Cupertinos quite often go to court in order to prohibit the use of logation that does not even remotely resemble the famous “bitten Apple”. Approximately the same situation is observed with slogans. However, in this case the Apple lawyers it is not always possible to defend the rights of the company.

We will remind that the company Apple introduced its gaming service called Apple Arcade as part of a special event, which was held in March of this year. The new service should give users access to dozens of exclusive games. To do this, the owners of Apple devices will simply need to subscribe.


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