And you bought the iPhone?

iPhone called one of the main signs of wealth. This conclusion was made based on the research of economists, University of Chicago. In their opinion, rich people are almost always an iPhone. If you see a person with an iPad, surely his income is also above average.

As suggested by the economists Marianne Bertrand (Marianne Bertrand) and Emir Kamenica (Kamenica Emir) from the University of Chicago, in 69.1% of the cases iPhone owners — people with high incomes. The second popular indicator of social status — the iPad. It is used for 66.9% of successful people. It is noteworthy that the list of characteristics of high income there was a place for smartphones on Android, although the budget device can be purchased for less than $ 100.

The researchers acknowledge that the most often with wealth do people associate the iPhone. Nothing strange in this: the company’s latest flagship, iPhone X, is worth 1 thousand dollars.

Data economists are based on the results of a survey of users and 6394 dated 2016. In 1992 and 2004 among the main signs of wealth were film Kodak, soy sauce Kikkoman, Toshiba TV, food and home goods of certain brands.

Products and brands, indicating wealth. Source: Business Insider

It will be interesting to see an updated list in a few years. Surely iPhone will remain in this leading position.

Source: Business Insider


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