MOSCOW, Nov 21 /PRIME/. Official reseller of Apple technology — re:Store — fears that the enactment of the preset Russian software (SOFTWARE) on smartphones and computers can create opportunities for the organization of the gray business of selling equipment.

Earlier Thursday, the state Duma adopted a law prohibiting from 1 July 2020, sales of electronic technology (e.g., smartphones and computers) without prescribed by the government of the Russian software (SW). The lists of devices, and its installation will determine the government. The deputies in the explanatory Memorandum suggest that it needs to be smart phones, computers and TVs with function smart TV.

As noted by the representative of re:Store Lyudmila Semushina, the law in the form in which it passed today, does not say it shall be determined by the government.

“We don’t know what apps should be preinstalled on any devices,” she told RIA Novosti.

At the same time, according to her, re:Store, as a law-abiding market participant, concerned that the law was passed without consultation with the retailers — those who will be directly responsible for its execution.

“We fear that such regulation could hinder the work of the civilized retail, creating great opportunities for the organization of the gray business of selling equipment, because the demand for it is not going anywhere,” said Semushina. In addition, according to her, re:Store fears the possibility of a reduction in choice and increase in the price of the device.

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