Photo pixabay.comitale PFO were more likely to buy a smart watch and bradleyite the Volga Federal district were more likely to buy smart watches and bracelets.

The experts of the service “Messenger”/”the Euronetwork” has analyzed the sales of smart watches and bracelets for the first quarter of 2019. It turned out that the residents of the Volga Federal district became 27% more to buy wrist gadgets

The most popular were smart bracelets.

“The interest in wearable electronics continues to increase annually, thanks to the useful functions of these gadgets. The segment of smart bracelets is developing yet more intense, thanks to the popularization of healthy lifestyle and sport. Smart watch due to its multitasking is also popular among users, but are still second in popularity. In the 1st quarter of 2019 buyers in the Volga region preferred gadgets JET, Apple, and Xiaomi,” — commented the Director of macroregion of the combined company “the Messenger” / “Euroset” Timur Khametov.

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