Buyers are increasingly choosing the refurbished iPhone.

Company Counterpoint Research has studied the state of the smartphone market in 2018 and came to the conclusion that the restored models have become much more popular around the world. A particularly strong demand for refurbished iPhone whose sales were growing much faster than other smartphones. Analysts believe that there are two main reasons why the smartphone market formed a situation.

The first reason is the availability of the recovered smartphones

The main reason for the skyrocketing popularity of smartphones recovered quite obvious. Customers prefer refurbished models because of their low prices compared to new versions.

For example, restored the iPhone 6s 64 GB of memory in Russia can be purchased for 23 990 rubles. A new version of the smartphone if you manage to find one for sale, only at the price of 33 thousand rubles. The difference is more than impressive. Or, for example, the iPhone 7 with 128 GB of memory. It is officially restored version is on sale for 35 990 rubles. The new model will have to pay 43 990 rubles.

In other words, the difference in price between new and refurbished iPhone is really serious. And customers choose better deals. At the same time, they are not without main — full warranty Apple, which operates on the reconstructed model.

The second reason is restored smartphones becomes more

Every year on the market there are a growing number of restored smartphones. Apple, as a major supplier of rebuilt smartphones, is starting to sell quite fresh iPhone models marked as “As new” and decently reduced price.

And most importantly, Apple is expanding the list of countries which sell refurbished iPhone. For example, Apple began regularly to send new batch of refurbished iPhone, including a very fresh model in Russia. A few years ago to Russia reached only a small batch of refurbished iPhone, and it is the old model.

To learn more about how refurbished iPhone different from new you can in this article.


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