Service restrictions for booking of accommodation in the Crimea are illegal. This was stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin.

As reported on Friday the press-service of the Committee, the parliamentarian during the St. Petersburg international economic forum, met with official representatives of Vice President and managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Andrea D’amico, regional Director of partners in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Georgia by Alexey Matushkin.

As noted by Levin, the users when interacting with online services that provide the ability to remotely purchase travel or other services “it is important to know that their rights are protected by legislation in exercise of their right to free choice and guaranteed performance of the terms of the agreements entered into through the Internet”. On the other hand, he added, such support is beneficial and transnational business, as it allows to raise the level of confidence in the service.

Discussing the situation with the refusal to work on the territory of Crimea, the Deputy said that “regardless of political developments, service users should not experience unlawful restrictions on companies operating in the Russian market”. As a justifying example, he mentioned the map services of Google (Google) and Apple (“Apple”) that display for domestic users the Crimea as part of Russia.

For its part, the representatives of the noted “a steady adherence to the company law of the jurisdiction in which they are working, including compliance with the Russian legislation on personal data, as well as what they are booking in the Crimea, but only if the user specifies the business purpose of the trip”, said the press service of the Committee.

In this regard, Levin expressed the hope that “‘ll be able to find the possibility of providing booking services to Russian users wishing to vacation in the Crimea,” and confirmed the readiness to continue the dialogue between the company and the Duma Committee on information policy.

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