TASS, September 7. Apple plans to create an online portal where law enforcement agencies from different countries will be able to place requests for personal user data. On Friday Reuters reported, citing a letter to the Vice-President and General counsel of the Corporation Kathryn Adams.

According to Reuters, in a letter dated September 4, Adams talks about the new service Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. According to counsel, the portal plans to launch by the end of this year. The portal will be available worldwide.

According to the Agency, informed the law enforcement authorities have sent requests to Apple via e-mail. Only last year, the company received from the police, 14 thousand applications. For processing urgent requests took about 20 minutes.

The letter also States that about a thousand police officers in the U.S. are already trained to operate the new service.

The company refused to comment on the creation of a portal, specifies Reuters.

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