Apple earphones will surprise you!

Wireless headphones 2 AirPods will support ultra-fast wireless charging. According to reliable sources, insider max Weinbach, the new model AirPods will charge without wires from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. During this time, charged as the headset and charging case.

According to the insider, the new AirPods headphones will be implemented faster wireless charging standard Qi. Users will be able to charge your headset and charging case in just 15 minutes.

Charging case new AirPods will become thicker and heavier. It is expected that changes in the dimensions and weight of the case will not be really large. Case, as before, is obtained without inconvenience to carry with you and recharge your headphones on the go.

The insider didn’t say anything about battery life the new AirPods. According to previous leaks, Apple will equip wireless earphone new generation of higher capacity batteries. This information is indirectly confirmed by today’s leak from Weinbach.

Apple may introduce a new model of AirPods on the presentation on March 25.

Source: Twitter.


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