Apple is planning to release a compact iPhone screen 5.42 inches in 2020. It is reported by Digitimes, citing its own sources in the supply chain.

In addition to the iPhone with a small screen the company will release a model from 6.06— 6,67-inch displays. These models will differ from the current number, iPhone Xr presented with a screen of 6.1 inch and iPhone Xs and Xs Max with a diagonal of 5.8 and 6.5, respectively. It is expected that suppliers of the screens can be Samsung or LG, who are now working on the technology of application of the sensor layer on the glass. This will reduce the frame around the screen and the display thickness.

It is also reported that in 2019, Apple will make a minor update to its line and will release an improved version of the iPhone Xs and Xr. The source said that Apple plans to sell about 80 million iPhone in the first half of 2019 and about 180 to the end of the year.

SE the original iPhone was released in 2015, and at the moment this is the most compact smartphone Apple, which the company continues to support. The production of it stopped after the announcement of Xs in stores only available unsold models.

In late March, the network published the drawing of the new iPhone, which is rumored, will be called XI. The drawing shows that the smartphone will be the same shape as X and iPhone Xs. The main feature is the cutout for the camera, which consists of three modules. Early leaks indicated that the smartphone will get a camera with an ultrawide viewing angle.

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