The first serious leak about the new iPhone!

Senior analyst Atherton Research Jean-Baptiste su shared some great leaked, revealing new details about the iPhone 2019that Apple is currently actively developing. According to information obtained by the specialist from verified sources, all iPhone sample of 2019 will receive major innovations, is able to attract more buyers.

According to analyst, the all-new iPhone sample of 2019 will be fitted with a USB connector-C — traditional Lightning will remain in the past. The transition to USB C seems logical for Apple, as the company has previously refused Lightning iPad Pro 2018.

Much more surprising other information from the eminent specialist. He claims that the new iPhone will get built right into the display, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The function of face recognition Face ID is not going anywhere and will only be improved. It is reported that Apple will put the camera system TrueDepth on a much narrower upper display frame. Thus, “the unibrow” in 2019 the iPhone will change.

Also, according to experts, in 2019 the iPhone will be much improved camera. She will get the ability to determine the depth of objects similar to those that have front facing cameras TrueDepth. It is noted that the 3D capabilities of the main camera iPhone 2019 will be implemented using the technology of Time-of-Flight, which is cheaper than the solution used in the TrueDepth.

About the prices new iPhone 2019, the analyst didn’t say anything. However, other experts said that the next Apple smartphone can become much more affordable.

Source: Forbes.


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