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According to his official biography Erica Lundman, she was born in Norway and lived there until six years of age. Father of Erica Norwegian farmer who owns the valley Langmoen a few hours drive from Oslo. At the age of six the girl moved back with her mom in Russia, but tries not to lose ties with the second home. For example, Erik writes the songs on acoustic guitar, imported from Norway. In her music you can hear something of the North, ethnic, shamanic.

I love the drama, told Eric Lundman in an interview with Apple Music. — When listening to a song and feeling like I’m falling into the abyss. That’s when I realize that my.

Lundman Erica’s music career began with the Department of pop-jazz vocals gnesinka and personal video blog. In social networks it is received not only compliments his voice, but proposals for cooperation. One of them was adopted: the producer’s debut album, Erica was Roman Warnin known as Malbec. On the CD “the Source” is the duet “cut diamond” Erica Langmoen and Malbasa — and listening to it is even more interesting than the songs popular family duet “Malbec and Suzanne”.

Apparently, due to the participation of Malbak (as well as the duet with REM Diggas) album Erica on Yandex. The music was stylistic in the segment of “Russian rap”. I must say that now almost half of audioseminar falls into this category, because, as he said the classic, “REP collects”. But before the crisis of overproduction is clearly already close: when every Friday comes a new fifty Russian rap albums, and the feeling of wasted time does not leave listening to just one or two of them, the public begins more cautious approach to the question of the choice novelties. Tag “Russian rap” of advertising medium is transformed into a warning sign. In short, if the “Source” Erica Langmoen and there are elements of hip-hop, they are in the album, not the main. To find a more appropriate stylistic definition records, you need to look for somewhere in the area of indie-pop and ethno. Shamanic howls, the transitions between voice registers, the mermaid song, like the Cocteau Twins, only on Russian language — this is more than a fascinating sound picture. Of course, Eric is not the first who invited the listener into a psychedelic trip on the ethno-indie-waves. Such trips were always the privilege of the few dedicated, but songs like “Thorns” and “cut diamond”, it can be formatted even for not-too-involved public.

Alexey Smearing, InterMedia

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