For a long time laptops were divided into two categories: the MacBook and all the rest. But now on the market of the Renaissance, when interesting patterns come out every month. Among them Honor MagicBook from the Huawei sub-brand — a powerful, lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Let’s find out if there is now life on Windows.

The design and construction

When you first look at Honor MagicBook obvious where the designers drew inspiration. In common with the “makbuki” plenty of color “a La Space Grey” to the speaker grilles and the logo under the screen.

The main part of the case is made of aluminum, the bottom panel attached with screws. After removing it, you can get to the SSD, wifi module, battery and cooling system.

The entire notebook weighs just 1.47 kg, making it easy to carry it in a backpack. And due to the thin frames around the screen dimensions are not far removed from the 13-inch models.

Although the design is similar to the MacBook, the manufacturer did not copy his faults. Set of ports includes two USB-A (2.0 and 3.0 on the left to the right), USB-C charging, HDMI and 3.5 mm audio Jack.

Only lacks a card reader and Thunderbolt, but not the most expensive models will not see this.

The maximum opening angle of the screen is 180 degrees. The hinges are quite stiff, so when opening you need to hold bottom.

On the top offset from the display, there are two microphones and a web camera. Unfortunately, sensors for face recognition is not here, so I have to settle for a fingerprint scanner installed in the power button.

The keyboard is backlit with two brightness levels so that you can print it comfortably in all conditions. The key travel is more than the “butterflies” Apple pressed clear and without backlash.

But the touchpad is by far worse than the MacBook. Under this option, no Windows-the laptop is not closer to the “Apple competitor”. However, not all so is bad — the touch pad is quite large, and supports multitouch gestures Windows Precision.


Display Honor MagicBook got one important property, which is so lacking in many modern laptops — it is matte. This means the almost complete absence of glare and reflections even in direct sunlight. You can take your laptop to the Park and work outdoors. Matte finish also compensates for the lack of brightness in reserve.

The matrix is made by technology IPS, has a diagonal of 14 inches and a resolution of Full HD. The colors are a bit dim, but viewing angles and contrast level is decent.


Honor MagicBook is available in two versions: AMD Ryzen 5 and Intel Core i5−8250U. In the latter case, the laptop is equipped with Nvidia’s discrete GeForce MX150 (equivalent to a desktop GTX 1030).

RAM 8 GB soldered on the motherboard to expand it will not work. To put an extra hard disk is also not, but is possible to install a faster SATA SSD. Standard drive 256 GB gives speed up to 500 Mbps for read and write, and the boot takes 5 seconds.

The combination of Intel Core i5 8-th generation with discrete “graphics” to give good stock performance for household tasks. Laptop to cope with not the most heavy games will not reset the frequency, and not heated above 80 °C.

However, this is not a gaming solution. Prolonged stress and high temperatures can shorten the battery life and graphics card. After an hour of playing Far Cry 3 the body heats up. It is good that the cooling system works very quietly and quickly cools the laptop.

On the sides there are four speakers (two each side). Play loud and clean, but the sound lacks depth. The sound is worse than in most modern smartphones. The reason the RealTek ALC256, which is one of the most simple sound solutions on the market.


In Honor MagicBook a battery is installed by 57.4 W*h, which more than covers the consumption of all components. The battery life is impressive — the laptop can withstand up to 6 hours of YouTube and about 10 hours of video playback from memory.

In office the model also shows a good result: after eight hours of work in Google Docs, and web surfing were 25% charge. Charging from the included adapter 27 watts is less than three hours.

The results

Honor MagicBook Intel estimated at 70 thousand rubles. The same amount fit ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333FN with the same hardware, and the version with Core i7−8565U just for a few thousand more (although the installation of such a processor in an ultrabook does not seem appropriate).

Also for 70 thousand you can get Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with the upgraded video card MX250 and screen on the 15 inch or the Mi Air Notebook with i7−8565U. And that’s not counting HP, Acer, Lenovo and DELL.

Honor MagicBook is a great laptop for work. However, the market is full of models for a similar price, some of which offer the best performance and original design. Perhaps it makes sense to look at the version on the AMD Ryzen 5 — it is 20 thousand cheaper and slightly worse in features.

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