Huawei showed an updated line of laptops MateBook at MWC-2019. Explorer “360” was inspired by what he saw, but then came to the conclusion that last year’s line of laptops looks much more interesting for a number of reasons.

So often it happens that some event in the present forces us to look back to see missed. At the world mobile Congress in Barcelona, Huawei has revealed a new line of laptops MateBook X 2019. This excellent presentation was demonstrated several models: with touch screen with discrete Nvidia graphics, Intel Core i7, etc. and then it became clear that in Russia all this happiness will not, and will be quite a budget model without the Nvidia graphics, without a touch screen and on the base Core i5. But then I remembered that a couple of months ago came to me a model MateBook X Pro 2018, where it sort of was.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Externally MateBook X Pro looks very cool: slim metal body, well-balanced that allows you to hold it with one hand. Weight — 1.33 kg. Case thickness is 16.6 mm at its thickest point. Not the most thin and lightweight, but will definitely be in the lead.

On the notebook there are only a few connectors, but they combine all the Essentials. So, the right USB 3.0 port for connecting a printer and other devices. The left two USB-C, one of them is used to charge the laptop, the second — supports Thunderbolt 3, i.e. you can connect an external monitor. Here headphone Jack.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Charging should be noted in particular. It is very valuable that no specific ports to connect the power supply cable is used, as already mentioned, the standard USB-C and the cable with the power supply size is similar to that used for charging smartphones and tablets. Actually charging from MateBook can be used for other gadgets. Unification is always great.

The first thing that strikes you when you lift the lid of the laptop… No, the first thing you notice is that MateBook X Pro passes the test without problems on the MacBook you have to open it with one hand, not holding the lower part of the body. The second rather strange view on the display. He has a aspect ratio of 3:2, not 16:9 like we used to. It is believed that it is more convenient to work with documents. Third — where is the camera?! But, look…

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Yes, the camera was hidden in the keyboard. This is, first, allowed to get rid of streaks on the screen where it was located previously (something similar is now happening with smartphones, isn’t it?), second, there is no longer need to seal it with plaster, if you fear that you are being followed. And the third is just fun and WOW! View when shooting this camera is a bit strange, but when shooting the front camera of the laptop it’s always like that. Here, incidentally, is a serious plus is that unlike the lid, which is movable, the camera, the keyboard is static and the camera angle will always be the same.

The display is made on the basis of good-quality IPS-matrix with a resolution of 3000*2000. The picture quality is excellent, you can comfortably work with documents and images, videos, and play games. And Yes, the touch screen. I forgot about it and rediscovered in the process of use. For example, when navigating Excel spreadsheets that you can poke your finger in the desired cell is wildly convenient and makes great work.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Keyboard MateBook X Pro full-size, but significantly modified. First, there is just a giant touch pad that is incredibly comfortable to work with. It occupies about half of the total space, and it is obvious that for him something had to give. Refused to set buttons Page Up, Page Down, Home and End — and rightly so, today almost nobody uses. Again — you can scroll just by swiping your finger across the screen. Still a cool modification for the top row of buttons: here are the default active buttons for the settings of the laptop, but to access the keys F1-F12 should be bound Fn. Usually in laptops it is exactly the opposite.

The power button also with a secret — and is integrated with a thumbprint scanner. The sensor is sensitive, works very well and quickly. It reads the fingerprint at the time when you press the button to turn on the laptop. No further action is required. The buttons themselves are very soft and almost silent. Typing on this keyboard is very comfortable.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

In MateBoox X Pro used the Intel Core i5 processor, 8-th generation (i5-8250U) and installed 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory on the SSD, also uses a discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX150 with 2 GB of memory. Very impressed that you all managed to cram into a compact body, cool and the fact that the system does not have problems with overheating even when video editing or playing World of Tanks at top settings. It is worth noting that MateBook is not noisy.

Perhaps the main question that arises in the context of laptops is the battery life. MateBoox X Pro is equipped with a battery that can provide up to 10 hours without recharging. It is clear that depending on usage scenarios this time can vary and discharge the battery on the installation or the game really well for 3-4 hours. But it is rather an extreme scenario, so it is not necessary to navigate. Very valuable is that the laptop has moved the smartphone chip with fast charging, so it charges in about 1.5 hours using the native charger.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Perhaps the only noticeable difference from the model 2019 is the absence of functions OneHop, which allows you to stream content from smartphones Huawei on a laptop with a simple touch of the body. NFC provides a connection, and data is transmitted via Wi-Fi. It’s very cool and reminiscent of great Apple Air Drop, but realized even more creative. The lack of OneHop make me sad? Perhaps. But there is a touch screen and discrete graphics, which seems more meaningful. Otherwise MateBoox X Pro 2018 is a very cool car that will be relevant for a long time. Here is the productive system, excellent display, modern housing design and the overall completeness of the ideas. And today it is one of the most interesting laptops on Windows 10 on the market.

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