Earlier this week Apple had one of the busiest summer presentations over the past few years. And Cupertino surprised not so much by the number of announcements, as a large number of innovations.

Apple has decided to take a bold step and released a separate branch of iOS for iPad, abandoned in macOS, iTunes finally revealed the radically redesigned Mac Pro and own the next generation monitor cost about $ 5,000. All these announcements users discuss for several days.

However, the greatest interest is iOS 13. Last year’s major update of Apple’s mobile operating system has brought not too many changes. Basically, the cupertinos have focused on removing bugs and improving performance. However, this year Apple decided to “take revenge”. IOS not only has a long-awaited innovation. Cupertinos also tried to improve its mobile OS, removing old bugs and refined the standard application.

However, it is worth considering that many innovations 13 iOS don’t work outside the US. At least at this stage. This is, for example, with radically updated Maps and improved Siri. But even without it, Apple’s new operating system looks quite interesting.

Dark theme

Surprisingly, it was a dark theme for many is a “visiting card” and the main innovation iOS 13. In fact, users were hoping and asked to add to the Apple mobile operating system a new color scheme interface design for a long time. However, only this year cupertinos finally decided.

Dark theme changes the look of the entire system: this applies to all standard applications and menu. Third-party utility while the majority do not support this option. However, it is safe to say that by the time the final version of iOS 13 the situation will change. Apple has provided third-party developers all the necessary tools.

Judging by the available settings, the cupertinos conceived it rather as a kind of solution which will make the process of using iPhone and iPad at night more comfortable. In the settings screen users can choose the schedule by which the color scheme of the interface will change.

In contrast to Apple, many users see a dark theme “a breath of fresh air.” Thanks to this innovation, the owners of Apple devices can finally change has already become a familiar iOS interface. In addition, the activation of dark themes allows to reduce energy consumption. However, the latter feature is available only to owners of iPhone with OLED screens.

The updated Photos app

Apple strongly has refreshed the design of their Photos. 13 in iOS cupertinos not only change the sorting method of photos (All photos, Days, Months and Years), but have added to the application software filters. The latest use machine learning and they are automatically “clean up” the gallery of duplicates, bad photos and screenshots. These pictures are not deleted – they simply disappear.

Also changed the inline editor. In the case of photo editing, Apple has added a number of tools that allow you to change the sharpness, clarity, color temperature, reduce noise, work with the shadows etc. While the cupertinos have foreseen the possibility of manual settings for most tools, allowing the functionality of the photo editor “grown up”.

However, the changes in the editor do not go to any comparison with the changes that happened with the video editor. In fact, Apple added in Photo app a number of features for editing videos. Now users without the help of third party tools can crop, rotate and flip video, apply to rollers of different filters and improvements. And everything happens almost instantly.

The Music App

The Music app not only received a few chips, but somewhat changed in appearance. However, in order to test the new interface will have to activate the dark theme.

However, the main innovation in the application “Music” is a kind of karaoke mode. Now users can not only listen to the tracks, but to read the lyrics. This kind of innovation has long been in third-party music services. For example, in Shazam. However, Apple was able to implement everything as comfortable and beautiful – lyrics not just displayed on the screen. The lines of text gradually “crawl” on the screen exactly in time with the song. Users can navigate between the lines, thereby rewinding the track.

Other standard applications

IOS 13 Apple in varying degrees, modified, or reworked many of the standard applications. In some cases, such as with the “Calendar” changes quite a bit. Apple just allowed users to add events to the different attachments. However, there are applications in which appeared quite a lot of innovations.


Apple have almost completely redesigned the app “Reminders”. In the program there is a new category of reminders, as well as advanced lists, updated toolbar, a feature that allows you to add notes to the different attachments and so on. All these innovations significantly extend the capabilities of the utility. It is possible that after updating some iPhone owners will decide to abandon third-party solutions and will switch to the standard “reminder” of iOS.


Last year, the cupertinos have already made some changes to the Notes app. In particular, they expanded the palette of available drawing colors. IOS 13 Apple decided to continue working on this app and added a few more innovations.

So in the “Notes”, a new record view in a gallery format, the ability to organize notes by folders, improved search.


The “native” browser for iOS also received her share of innovations. Safari finally has full-fledged download Manager. This ensures that all downloaded files are saved in the browser and there you can see them.

In addition, some changes have occurred with the starting page of your browser. Now it can display the sites from favourites, frequently visited and last visited websites.


IOS 13 Apple modified the app “Files”. Now users can view downloaded files from Safari and access the data from external storage (flash drives, SD cards, etc. – important to have the adapter). In addition, the application allows you to compress files and decompress archives.


Support for third party keyboards appeared in Apple’s mobile operating system for a long time. However, in iOS 13 cupertinos several modified standard keyboard, adding a new mode called QuickPath. It allows you to enter text without lifting your finger from the screen.

In itself, innovation is working fairly well. But it has one serious drawback. In the first beta iOS 13 QuickPath interconnect supports only a few languages. Among them: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and simplified Chinese. Russian language support will appear only in the future. When exactly is unknown.

Privacy and login using your Apple ID

Traditionally, Apple has focused on protection of user data. IOS 13 kupertinovtsy added an option that gives you the opportunity to restrict or allow specific applications to access device location.

In addition, Apple promises that soon the owners of Apple devices will be able to log in on different sites with your Apple ID. However, when exactly this option will be available are currently unknown. It is not excluded that third-party developers are yet to adapt their resources for this innovation. In this case, the button “Sign in with Apple” will appear on popular sites only after the release of the final version iOS 13.

Increase speed

Last year during the announcement of iOS 12 cupertinos quite a lot of attention to increase the speed of the system and elimination of different defects and bugs. Within WWDC 2019 directly about the speed of iOS is not mentioned. Cupertinos promised, slightly reduce the size of the applications and increase the speed of their discovery. In the first beta iOS 13 such changes are not noticeable. At least on the eyes.

However, in addition to the changes associated with applications, cupertinos also promised to speed up Face ID. In this respect, Apple has kept his promise and changes are already visible. Face scanner began to work even faster.


At this stage, iOS 13 doesn’t look “pass-through” upgrade. Apple did splendid work. Moreover, except for sufficiently large innovations, like dark themes and enhancements in standard applications, the new system brought with it a huge number of small innovations. For example, in iOS 13 was redesigned volume slider, there is support for controllers from PlayStation and Xbox One has gone the limit on the volume of downloaded applications on the cell network, etc.

However, if we talk about impressions from the first test build of iOS 13, they are not too bright. Yes, the system works quickly. But there are crashes standard applications, there are shortcomings in localization, and the process of installing the iOS 13 beta 1 is not too simple.



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