What is interesting about the new Oppo RX17 Pro? What about it do you need to know? Advantages, disadvantages and design features one of the most unusual smartphone Oppo — in our latest review of the innovations of mobile technology. A small Intro for understanding what is mysterious for many, the name Oppo. According to the company Strategy Analytics, Oppo in 2018, took the second after Huawei’s place in the huge Chinese smartphone market with 20 percent of the total market share. Curiously the third place in 2018, took the brand Vivo with 19 percent. And OpePlus in 2018, came in first place among premium smartphones in another country with a billion residents of India.

What unites these three companies? They are in fact “sisters” and are part of BBK Electronics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics, who also developed a few of their brands. We all write in order to eliminate the snobbery and condescending attitude to Oppo RX17 Pro as “yet another Chinese smartphone”. To evaluate we will on the requirements of the best smartphones in the world.

Most importantly, Design, camera, interesting hardware. That is, RX17 Pro is a smartphone with a non-trivial design, advanced camera features and not so much super much highly innovative hardware. These three components and define what feelings are added the user from the RX17 Pro.

Design and ergonomics the RX17 Pro is available in two colors — Radiant Mist and Emerald Green (we had the second version). We appreciated the radicalism of the Oppo designers, who generally refused white and black colors. For such courage to praise, but how will be able to inform consumers of the correctness of decisions. However, both colors look very good. Gradient Radiant Mist more vivid, and dark Emerald Green, that is, more “noble”. Note also that the gradient version is semi-matte and special oleophobic coating, whereby the housing less noticeable fingerprints. But the Emerald Green body, alas, has only standard coverage and zalamyvayutsya quite cheerfully.

Unfortunately, a significant part of the effect from the impressive appearance RX17 Pro is lost in the case, And 90% of the users of this expensive phone will put it in the case supplied, immediately after the purchase.

Frame RX17 Pro is also quite intricate: convex side faces and the top and bottom, on the contrary, concave. Why this was done is unclear, but looks unusual.

Oh and not to mention a neat keyhole at the camera at the top of the screen. The neck is very small, right and left of it there is plenty of space to accommodate all the information and symbols that are usually located on top. As assure of the company, the display takes up 91.5 percent of the area of the screen. This is a very high figure, and gesture control (that is, the ability to remove buttons from the screen) makes the screen even more, which is clearly seen on the photo. Camera Good camera RX17 Pro? More than that, despite some oddities of its hardware design. The main camera consists of two modules: the optional 20-megapixel with aperture of F2.6 and the main 12-megapixel with a variable aperture of F1.5/F2.4.

There is a third module. Apparently, this is the TOF (Time of Flight) camera, creating a three-dimensional image, but she’s… disconnected. Furthermore, the 20-megapixel module is used for portraits and creating a bokeh effect. Other effects from the presence we had not noticed. But, despite all these “but”, RX17 takes Pro really well. Overall, despite a few strange technical implementation in the Oppo conceptual wisely went to the creation of the camera. What is the bottleneck in mobile photography? Right, shooting in low-light conditions. In this case, the camera with a variable aperture of F1.5/F2.4 and an optical stabilizer with artificial intelligence algorithms, AI Ultra-clear Engine giving a very impressive night picture.

Here works everything and good image processing algorithms, and a wide aperture of F1.5, a small pixel size is 1.4 µm, and the optical stabilization.

A selfie camera too, no complaints: 25-megapikselnym module and again the correct processing algorithms allow to obtain good portraits.

This same camera provides fast and good working unlocking in the face. But, importantly: this does not unlock on a three-dimensional model of the face, as in the new iPhone and Huawei, just unlock at the pictures. That is the level of “securely” pretty average.

What in our opinion is not enough camera Oppo RX17 Pro? Everything is simple. Lacks optical zoom and a wide angle lens. If they were, we can say that RX17 Pro is a. dream, as well — it’s just a smartphone with a good camera.

Hardware RX17 Pro is equipped with a very rare chip — Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. This is not a top CPU, but it’s new, powerful and energy efficient. Along with 6 GB of RAM, this configuration guarantees high performance smartphone and good energy efficiency. In synthetic test AnTuTu RX17 Pro gaining 154 thousand points (this is the level of LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi 8 SE).

RX17 Pro got all the possible wireless interfaces include NFC (which is for Chinese brands a rarity) and an optical fingerprint scanner placed right in the screen. The scanner is not as fast as classic is capacitive, but it works correctly.

OLED screen with a resolution of 2360×1080 and a pixel density of 401 PPI. There are fashionable options support Always-On Display. In General, compared to the OLED displays, he is quite average characteristics, but the contrast in sunlight is an important parameter — 4.34 (measurements lab GSMArena), the level of the best top smartphones in 2018.

When we are talking about different technological innovation used in the RX17 Pro, you should definitely mention double battery 2×1850 mAh with the support of brand SuperVOOC charging power of 50 watts. The smartphone can charge up to 40 percent in just 10 minutes and half an hour to 93 percent. There is, however, an important caveat: such fast charging is only possible with a proprietary charger and a proprietary cable that come in the kit.

The results of the Oppo RX17 Pro — what is called “charged” smartphone. OLED display screen, modern processor, camera support algorithms AI, a fingerprint scanner in the screen, superfast charging, support wireless interfaces, interesting appearance… It all makes RX17 modern and even premium device.

But… the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, though modern, but not top. From Oppo RX17 Pro is not sealed, there is no slot for memory card, no audio, no wireless charging, no optical zoom, no wide angle camera, no three-dimensional face scanner.

That is, competitors Oppo RX17 Pro is not the last top-end and expensive smartphones, a flagship of the end of 2017 — beginning of 2018, the prices of which have fallen and smartphones upper mid-price segment. This, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S8+/S9+, Huawei P20 Pro, OnePlus 6t, XZ2, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Honor VIEW 20.

Can the Oppo RX17 Pro to compete with them? According to its characteristics, Yes, but… for the price of 50 thousand rubles scare off many potential buyers. Still Oppo brand is not so strong and are known to directly compete with Apple, Samsung and even Huawei. Maybe after some time when the price of Oppo RX17 Pro drops that its purchase would be more attractive and economically justified. Now RX17 Pro is surrounded by powerful competitors. It doesn’t make him worse, and it is definitely worth a look for the subsequent price level — maybe closer to summer they will drop. But to recommend buying it right now we do not dare.

Dmitry Bevza

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