Smartphone-clamshell seems to be complete fiction in 2018. It would seem that mechanical moving parts — it’s the dust, the high probability of failures, the inability to do the usual moisture protection, finally. And most importantly — why? At Huawei have decided that to Honor such a non-obvious solutions. And released device on the market.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

The first thing that surprises in Honor Magic 2 — a solid display. Unlike most devices on the market, there are no frames of different widths, buttons at the bottom of the screen the familiar to the pain of the cut”monopoly” at the top. Good or bad?

The rejection of “monopoly” is a definite plus. Apple was due to engineering decisions, everyone else started to rivet the cut just because it is fashionable. But as the lack of framework, this is not obvious. As in many cases, for comfortable use, not to cling the palm screen frame is, rather, an advantage.

The lack of buttons in some form or other at the bottom of the screen in Honor decided, offering alternatives in the form of a control using gestures. It is an approach that requires habits. And not everyone can. For example, a swipe from the bottom instead of a button in the new iPhone is wildly intuitive thing, sit down for the evening and then reflexively looking at all the other smartphones. But the attempt at the time to make navigation through gestures BlackBerry has become an absolute failure. But there is, apparently, the place is. As to Honor Magic 2, the solution works well, but if not logged in, you can always activate soft buttons via settings. The screen on the smartphone is excellent: 6.39 full inch, 1080×2340 pixels, AMOLED, supported by Always-On-Display.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

The main feature of Honor Magic 2 in its processor Huawei Kirin 980. It is a powerful, productive and energy efficient. We saw him in Mate 20/20 Pro. His thing in the coprocessor (NPU) is responsible for artificial intelligence. In Huawei for a couple of years of fairly active use of neural networks in smartphones, and one of the models even received the definition of “intellection”. But these opportunities were mostly limited to the camera, that you can understand — it’s the most intuitive for users.

In Honor Magic 2 went further, and here an intelligent system is responsible for the entire operation of the smartphone. It is managed by a virtual assistant YOYO, which collects data about the user’s behavior, his habits, and the like. YOYO works with the recognition, owing to which he can find information about everything that enters the field of view of the lens.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Very surprising was to see how China’s widespread use of electronic translators. For example, in hotels the employees through such interpreters to communicate with guests. In Honor Magic 2 integrated simultaneous translation, that is, during a call, it can send interlocutors translated into the desired language speech. Unfortunately, this works only in Chinese, but looks like a piece of the future to which you want to touch.

Such decisions are the result of joint work Huawei with large Western companies. So, the translation is implemented on the basis of Microsoft development, but communicate with him and provide the necessary system performance hardware and Huawei and neural networks. Meets artificial intelligence, and for more mundane tasks, including for energy and performance optimization of applications depending on load. And as the shell program used Magic Honor 2 Android 9 and 9 EMUI. By the way, working on a proprietary shell Huawei traditionally involve a large number of engineers and designers from around the world, including from Russia.

The processor Kirin 980 are provided 6 GB of RAM, which by today’s standards it’s not so much, and storage on a 128 GB is is and version 8/256. Honor Magic 2 is a very productive smartphone so it does not hinder everyday tasks and heavy games like PUBG or C& C Rivals.

As far as the system actively consumes the battery? Everything turned out better than expected. The battery lasts 1-1. 5 days of work. But what Honor Magic 2 is really cool, it’s the fact, as charged. Brand 40 watt charger (10 V/4 A) allows to charge the battery from 0% to 50% within 15 minutes from 0% to 85% within half an hour. Supported the wireless charging standard QI.

Honor Magic 2 have six cameras. Seriously. Three front and three main. Front-facing camera, among other things, responsible for unlocking the screen face, and here was clear charm slider. Many users complain that the new iPhone is constantly trying to recognize the face and unlock the display, and this happens even when there is no need that leads to accidental clicks. In the case of Honor Magic 2 this problem is eliminated — while the slider is closed, the camera will not work. And to unlock the phone in this state by a fingerprint scanner that is built into the screen. The AI involved while: the neural network analyze scenes, the lighting level and adjust settings for optimal results.

The main camera consists of three modules. One wide-angle lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.8, the second is somewhat reminiscent of the classic fisheye. The third module black and white, it works in three modes: “Normal”, “Aperture”, “Portrait”. If we talk about the hard numbers, the formula cameras Honor Magic 2 looks like this: front camera 16/20/2 MP, main — 16/24/16 MP, (1x + 2x + 5x + 0.6 x); optical stabilization at zoom camera.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Very interesting scene recognition in Honor Magic 2. Traditionally, smartphones emit one of the objects in the frame and guided by him. That is, if we remove the kitten, the “animals” if the subject, the mode “portrait”, if the forest or the mountains, the landscape. Honor Magic 2 have learned to understand complex scenes. For example, the man removed the mountains in the background. In this case, we will see the icon of portraiture and an icon of the landscape. Accordingly, the system will adapt the modes so as to comply with these scenes. The only disadvantage of the camera — in the absence of infrared light, making it difficult to work face recognition (and therefore unlock) in the dark.

In addition, in Honor Magic 2 has NFC module, which provides the opportunity to use it for contactless payments. There is one of the fastest modems on the market, operating in the mode of Cat.21, that is, up to 1.4 GB/s. There is very fast Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.7 Gbps for downloads.

Honor Magic 2 is definitely cutting edge in terms of the development of smartphones. The idea of a return to form-factor slider is now being implemented by many manufacturers: Xiaomi model Mi is MIX 3, Lenovo Z5 Pro. And there is a feeling that next year this will be one of the key trends. Implementation slider from Honor seems to be a very successful form factor and functional at the same time does not create discomfort. All the other components — camera, processor, battery, display — above all praise.

Today, the device in Russia officially does not deliver, but the opportunity to see them at the “360” appeared. So we can conclude that formal delivery is not far off. Meantime, to find Honor Magic 2 on any of the global platforms like Tmall/Aliexpress. And believe me, it’s worth it.

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