Real pros and minuses often criticize OnePlus: the company changes too often flagship, new items are getting more expensive, the changes become less meaningful.

But six months later, with the release of a new model, the previous is cheaper, gets an update and becomes very profitable acquisition.

For example, OnePlus 6 discontinued in favor of OnePlus 6T — perhaps the most interesting Android flagship. And here’s why.

The ergonomic Android

6 the OnePlus is a great smart phone. But it is comfortable to hold

On 6 OnePlus, the company first changed its own traditions: the metal case was changed to glass, sloped ergonomic shape of the cap has become more strict — and the angles opposite, more smooth.

But along with the previous options still looks very stylish. I would even say, original: in contrast to the weight of the Chinese “Saami”, OnePlus 6 is similar only to itself, but not on the iPhone.

In fact it is slightly larger than 8 Mi of the same, but easier. Will not go away the mode switch and a 3.5 mm headphone Jack on the bottom edge.

Latest OnePlus with a headphone Jack

2 reason to choose this model! Sorry, there are stereo speakers.

Form affects ergonomics: OnePlus 6 does not slip out of your hands, normally placed in bags and pockets and is just lovely.

Current Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple flat buildings worse lie in the palm of your hand, not as easy grip. OnePlus does not want to let go of. So still and warm glass.

“Drop” or “eyebrow”?

The unibrow is less than Xiaomi

No matter how abused the unibrow, the OnePlus she “went”: luscious AMOLED after upgrading the system it is easy to hide. On and off the screen almost invisible.

Yes, it could be less — but frankly, the latest “drop” OnePlus 6T is still unusual. And between them I would choose the “eyebrow”.

If you remove the film, the projection screen is almost invisible

“Eyebrows” are stricter. The “drop” takes place no less — especially if you hide this area.

Interestingly, the matrix has not changed: 6.28 inches with a resolution of 1080×2280, support for DCI-P3, the crazy brightness of up to 456 CD/m2.

So why pay more?

Fingerprint scanner: classic or modern under the screen?

“Dorsal scanner is much easier podernovo

Important difference: the OnePlus 6 scanner on the back, the Oneplus 6T — under the screen. So unlock the regular version is just so quick, and to access the T-model will first have to turn on the screen.

Little life hack: Always On enabled, the scanner triggers immediately. However, the scanner overrides the keyboard.

When the smartphone in your hand, the scanner is always under your finger

Therefore, in the ordinary life of the average gadget is more convenient OnePlus 6. Moreover, it has one of the fastest and most accurate scanners that can be used as an extra button.

It is very convenient to launch the camera, take the pictures and flipping the screen. Almost like the button in the OnePlus 5.

Six months later, and the camera’s working

At the start of sales OnePlus photo 6 was not very

The OnePlus team did not scruple to port software fresh chips fresh flagship smartphones in the past generations.

New 6T gained good scores on the test in DxO, and just a couple of days the usual “six” began to take very, very good.

Now he loses to competitors only in the dark

Though she still lacks optical stabilization for the second module of a dual camera, but the software algorithms are finally allowed to do evening and night shots without a tripod and manual settings.

Great color

In the daytime photo quality is coming to the iPhone Xs. Except that the OnePlus colors and noise reduction is not correct, the pictures come out more alive.

Zoom only digital. But without defects

Zooming, however, does not appear — he’s not in the new version. But machine learning algorithms do a good job with noise.

Instead of a blurred enlarged image easier to make a crop, the more that you shoot in JPG and DNG
Will suffice for all. A couple of years
By the way, the “hot line” really give advice

All Android flagships this year, carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845, except that the Huawei Kirin with his.

Good or bad? Interesting question, especially when it comes to OnePlus 6 and 6T.

In real life, it becomes obvious that the synthetic tests blanch OnePlus — it’s a bit slower counterparts on Snap 845.

Many “androids” bask when shooting 4K. OnePlus doesn’t have that disadvantage

Inexplicably pure Android in these devices have learned to humble hot temper of the platform. All their flagships are not heated but they.

And since they don’t heat up — no throttle. The performance is stable. Due to this, OnePlus is working better than many of the new games like Black Shark.

Android, the way it should be

Oxygen is the most close to the Android One firmware

Android, and incredibly close to it Oxygen used by OnePlus, also worth noting.

Stable speed, no lag, no extra components = no slowdowns. Great!

Even firmware of this version is as intended: it does not matter where the mobile — drop the file with the correct regional version (which can be his chips, banned in other countries) into memory and directly from the settings start the process.

No problem, like Huawei or Xiaomi. OnePlus 6 of any origin working in any network and does not have any hardware limitations.

Simple style, own design, low labels

Stock performance have Snap 845 enormous, and 6/8 GB of RAM with a fast drive UFS 2.1 is sufficient for any task.

By the way, the firmware update after the release of OnePlus 6T, normal version began to work a little longer: about 12 hours or a full day of active use.

Why OnePlus 6 the most profitable flagship of the season?

Native charging Dash Charge very fast and very expensive. A cover will last for a couple of years
While the latter podanym a fingerprint trying to sell at $569, proven 6 the OnePlus is only $369-389 for the base version with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory.

Senior, respectively, are even more different. For 420 bucks, you can find Oneplus 8/128 6 GB! Noticeable difference?

Is it worth to pay for it? Good question.

OnePlus OnePlus 6T or 6? That is the question!

“Siiiiir” as said by Cartman

After prolonged use OnePlus 6 it does not want to change anything.

It is stable, comfortable and high quality smartphone, which you get used to very quickly. Everything is in place, everything works. The logic of his existence is simple, as the iPhone: buy and use without shamanism.

Appearance OnePlus 6T is different from the basic version only by the absence of the scanner on the back cover. Controversial moment: the recognition of 6 the OnePlus is faster and more accurate.

The hardware platform is absolutely identical. Is that the new version works for 2 to 3 hours longer depending on the scenario.

Mine is from China. The difference with European no

Removes also the same — that new top that summer flagship. But if convenience is higher, why pay more?

But hurry. OnePlus 6 has been discontinued and will soon disappear from sale.

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