We have already shared first impressions of the Sony Xperia XZ3 — flagship smartphone of the Japanese manufacturer. Now it’s time to tell us how he showed himself in daily use. In a few weeks with the device we came up with as its pros and cons, and inconspicuous at first sight nuances. But about all under the order.

Design and ergonomics

Xperia XZ3 made in the style of Ambient Flow, which in the Sony smartphones came sleek and minimal frame. But at the same time, remained archaic features, like the logo in front or the body thickness of 10 mm. Well at least the camera does not act as a thinner competitors.

The case of “machined” as sea pebbles and quite narrow to fit comfortably within the palm of your hand. However, it is very slippery, so better hide the camera in the case. Also the edges of the screen are rounded with protective glass — it looks nice, but it is not practical. First, such a display easier to break. Secondly, when printing is inconvenient to press the symbols on the sides of the keyboard.

According to designers ‘ idea of glass on both sides smoothly “flows” in an aluminum frame, forming facets and joints. Looks impressive, but all the spoil uneven gaps from below into the gap between the frame and the rear window stuffed with dust. Maybe it’s a problem specific instance, but from a device of this class by default, waiting for the perfect build. By the way, Sony promises protection from water and dust to standard IP68. If she does not suffer in such cases?

The controls are located on the right side and removed from each other — blind button is on and volume is not messed up. Below are the hardware camera button, a distinctive feature of Sony smartphones.

The finger scanner is in the middle of the back cover. At first they are uncomfortable to use due to the low position, but you get used to it. The imprint is read immediately, the accuracy is also excellent. But unlock the person’s not here.


Display the Xperia XZ3 is made with OLED technology and occupies 80% of the front panel. At a diagonal of 6″ and a resolution of 2880×1440 pixel density is 537 ppi — see separate point is impossible even with the PenTile structure (red and blue points less than half green).

By default, the white balance shifted to cold tone, which is easy to fix in settings. There are provided different color profiles: standard, bright and professional. The latter is ideal for photo processing, since it corresponds to the color gamut of sRGB. In others it is expanded, making the picture saturated.

The viewing angles and black depth is perfect, the brightness range is huge. There is support for HDR, you can watch the video from 10-bit coded color — the only question is, where to get it other than the test videos on YouTube.

The lack of screen modulation of the backlight (PWM). This “disease” of the matrix on organic LEDs (OLED, P-OLED, Super AMOLED), it is expressed in a high-frequency flickering of the screen. The highest intensity takes the PWM at low brightness values, so using smartphone in the dark can cause fatigue for some users.

Firmware and capabilities

The device works under control of Android 9.0, installed on top of the shell Sony. It neatly fits into the design code system, the standard application in harmony with Google services, all done in the same style.

There is also their “chips”. For example, a double tap on the curved edges of the screen brings up a menu of recommended apps. Also press the face camera is activated, however, it is more convenient to use a hardware button.

Xperia XZ3 got an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 paired with 4 GB of RAM. And if the chipset matters not, the RAM could be more generous. Sony realized this and released a version with 6 GB of RAM, while keeping the price the same. I wonder what people think about this the owners of older modifications of the smartphone?

However, to complain of real-world performance will not work. Interface and apps are lightning fast, with games of the same order — “World of Tanks: Blitz” is on maximum settings with 60 frames per second.

A nice bonus — stereo speakers on the front panel. They will not block while gaming or watching videos, the sound is clean and very loud. Audio Jack no, for though the adapter in the kit laid out.

Battery with a capacity of 3330 mAh stable enough for day use. The device lasted 13 hours when playing Full HD video, and half an hour of the game “World of Tanks: Blitz” used 10% charge. The results are not the best, but at the level of most competitors. Frustrating only a simple charging adapter 5V/1.5 A, which is included in the package. A full charge takes almost 3 hours, longer only iPhone XS Max.


Contrary to the trends, Sony Xperia XZ3 only received one camera from the back side. However, this does not prevent to make high-quality images.

19-Megapixel sensor with the physical size 1/2,3″ excels in the afternoon. Pleased with the noise reduction algorithms and compression — photographs abound with detail and color without digital “rude” and unnatural sharpness.

In the room most of the pros of the camera are preserved.

Night shooting is given to the smartphone without any problems. Xperia XZ3 has not received an optical image stabilization, so the lack of light increases the ISO, not shutter speed. But even so, the noise in pictures is noticeable only in extreme close-UPS.

Front camera with a resolution of 13 MP makes a good selfie.

Videos are recorded with a maximum resolution of 4K. Electronic stabilization makes the picture smooth, rolling shutter is not observed. Supports HEVC coding with efficient compression to save internal memory. You can even record HDR video, but to view it you need the appropriate display.

Xperia XZ3 has become the first smartphone that knows how to write Slow-Mo with the frame rate of 960 FPS in Full HD resolution.

Network and wireless interfaces

During the test the mobile properly catch the network. Data transfer rate is as high as Wi-Fi and LTE.

The device has received a Bluetooth version 5.0 and brand LDAC audio codec for high quality audio transfer. The sound paired with the Sony WH-1000XM3 is just great. Also on Board is an NFC chip, with which you can quickly connect your devices and use the payment system Google Pay.

The results

Sony Xperia XZ3 was bright and original, though without the drawbacks and cost. The Assembly can and should be better — all the same model is not cheap. It is also worth considering that the practicality here sacrificed beauty. But the rest is the uncompromising flagship: the screen is gorgeous, the power reserve is huge, the camera although one, but with unique capabilities. And if you want something unusual (read “not from Samsung/Apple/Huawei”), to find a more suitable option is easy.

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