It is transparent and trannyboy version Xiaomi Mi 8 we explored from all sides: he studied camera work showed autonomy, found a very cool counters and even compared the screen with the iPhone.

Now on the Russian market there is its advanced version of Mi Pro 8: the ultimate flagship become even steeper. Well, our meticulous … subjected him to the most unbiased analysis.

As Mi 8 Pro differs from the basic version?

Beauty unearthly, technological

In fact, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and have the same Mi 8 Explorer Edition announced for China’s domestic market six months ago. But for the rest of the world.

The difference between these versions of one firmware: in one Chinese-English, the other is an international version of the original MIUI.

Excellent AMOLED-display with support for DCI-3
But the ancestor in the person of Xiaomi Mi 8 they went much further:

The fingerprint scanner moved under the screen

Back cover has a transparent

The front camera has a additional module and learned how to build a 3D model of the face

The battery lost 15% capacity, and the smartphone has become thinner

In this format, this is a serious competitor to the flagship conceptual NEX, Vivo, OPPO Find X, and even own the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro stands out among the companions, not only the low price: it is made for people every day, comfortable and attention to detail.

The filling is hidden tempered glass with perfect polishing

To be afraid of transparent back cover is not: real “guts” Mi 8 look different, clever Chinese engineers did not jeopardize the work of filling, tucking under the lid bezel of many “Easter eggs”.

Very cool smartphone, eye-catching realistic depiction of the display and eye-catching transparent back cover.

Cheating? Not at all. So beautiful breed components on the Board is unlikely to abandon the idea means to resort to one of the hackneyed options with gradient or solid rendering of the glass panel.

How does podkrovny the fingerprint scanner?

Set-up in just a few steps

Key features Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, of course, is the fingerprint scanner under the screen. Incredibly unusual, innovative and all that.

Scanner in Android smartphones is used so actively that new placement completely changes a familiar scenario and user actions.

Getting started as in a normal Mi 8. Enter the same no different, and even chips MIUI working. You can:

to block the entrance to your favorite applications (and you cannot run them even knowing the password from the main desktop,smartphone),

to block out of the “kid’s mode” and secured “Second space” — additional desktop in a separate section of memory.

Experience the beauty without the sensor

By default, the scanner Mi 8 Pro pre activated after a tap to be activated, the image appears and you can unlock.

There is a better way: the smartphone can turn on the screen by triggering the accelerometer, like the Mi Band — you need to lift the device with the screen facing you, and you can press the scanner.

Works like a clock — accurately and without question, always the first time. Humid or dusty hands is no longer a hindrance (finally!).

Face scanner or fingerprint scanner?

The scanner under the on-screen keyboard not a problem

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro scanner rests below the keyboard to enter the password. But this does not preclude the use of the keyboard, and sensor.

The latter appears above the numbers — you just need to attach to it a finger and it would work. If you ignore it and start entering numbers — the sensor will recede into the background, instantly giving priority.

The “dorsal”, but still far from FaceID. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro registered new unlocking system in the face.

Xiaomi FaceID works instantly

In conventional Mi 8 front-facing camera combined with infrared sensor for unlocking the user’s photo in the dark.

In Mi 8 Pro their complements 3D camera, which builds a 3D model in FaceID. This unlock works accurately and fast as the iPhone. Someone else’s photo to cheat.

Xiaomi notes that while the system is not established for the people of Europe, so to activate you need to change your region to Singapore.

With scarf on the face of the scanner is to cope not very good, so it’s best to use a failsafe even in the cold Russian scanner (-18 Celsius is not a problem).

When Android on par with iOS
Material Design in all its glory

By the way, 9/10 MIUI based on Android 9, pre-installed on Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, there are a couple of interesting features.

One of them gestures borrowed from the iPhone X. they can be used to disable on-screen keys and win the system another centimeter of the screen.

Precision MIUI — like fresh iOS. No lags, no microprism.

In General, similar to the iOS proprietary MIUI is closer to modern versions of Apple. And some what is superior: you can configure all what requires in other mobile systems use of third-party software or complicated hacking.

It has more memory than my laptop

An impressive set. Already available MIUI 10
“Filling” Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro has undergone minor changes: 8 GB of RAM vs 6 GB in the basic version. As the best tops.

However, MIUI runs on 2 and 4 GB. Record value is useful except that for the future, or for “heavy” games.

The same situation is with the CPU: the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has great stock performance, “exporting” any current challenges.

The system is completely Russified. Works like a clock

However, the main feature of this platform is still power consumption, whereby a modest battery at 3000 mAh shows good results:

up to 5 hours of 3D gaming,

up to 15 hours of video viewing

up to 12 hours of Internet surfing on LTE networks
The original version with a larger 3400 mAh battery shows similar results, outperforming the image-modification only by 5-7%.

The truth is taking pictures is better than the iPhone?

Even the standard Mi 8 shoots well

With front camera we understand. Should pay attention to and the main. By the way, is exactly the same Mix in Xiaomi Mi 3 got record (after Huawei and Apple) score from DxO.

Then needed for such a result, the software update received other flagships of the company. The first Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.

See how now removes dual camera module:

The frame through a wide angle lens

Twofold increase in lossless with the help of telephoto

In addition, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 (Pro), Mi 2s and Mi Mix Mix 3 received support Camera2 API: now on these smartphones officially without drums and rooting you can install Google Camera.

With it, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro starts off slightly worse Pixel 3. You receive the corresponding “night” mode and the ability to save images in a volumetric DNG (RAW files).

The pictures are bright, juicy, crisp

The video was also on update: Mi 8 Pro is already out of the box able to record videos in SuperSlow Motion mode at a speed of 960 fps with some limitations in duration.

Thirst is nothing, the most fashionable mobile — everything! Open the box and don’t be shy!

A set of “Easter eggs” for geeks

Mi 8 Pro — the most catchy Xiaomi: Black transparent body with red details, elegant lines of the glass panels, the cover with a striking imitation components.

It is this uncharacteristic for the brand’s appearance dramatically reduces the number of possible competitors, despite the fact that the basic Mi 8 can still be put on a par with other Chinese phones.

In the “bangs” from 4 sensors: a pair for the 3D, IR and camera

Thanks top stuffing, excellent camera and good design solutions Pro-version and need to position among the top echelon smartphones: Apple, Google, Samsung.

And here Xiaomi feels on its territory, because no one But the brand does not offer a similar device at a similar price, and the same NEX Vivo and OPPO Find X more expensive and less convenient.

Alternative — OnePlus 6T. Other “killer flagships” is not delivered. And besides, Mi 8 Pro won as the title of the most stylish purchase of the year, and became the most profitable flagship 2018.

The main advantages

A little more iPhone X, other Android a little easier

Unusual rear panel. The same transparent decision did not take root in the market, but designers Xiaomi has managed to create an interesting option, attracts the eye.

Accurate scanner under the screen. Once Touch ID has changed the smart phones, now do the same thing hidden in AMOLED panel sensors. Xiaomi has once again waited until the technology is developed, making in the end the best sensor.

Cool camera. Even without looking at the ratings, camera Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro shoots very well. Photos can be compared to iPhone or Galaxy S9 without pain. And its capabilities with the Google camera are truly endless.

Balanced filling. The smartphone is all well and optimized. It’s stable, there are enough resources in any task.

To return to the normal smartphones do not want: Podebrady scanner + unlock face in Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, the only real alternative to Apple Face ID.

The main disadvantages of

The disadvantages of a smartphone with the same photo quality? Where?

Average autonomy. Although many competitors lose Xiaomi in all relevant scenarios, I want a little more reserve in the battery. However, it is still the scourge of all flagships.

Unpleasant treatment of individuals in the standard application. Denoising Xiaomi still Chinese development, and behaves accordingly. It is better to disable it.

Non-expandable memory, no headphone Jack and official protection. Today, however, all of these. To find a true flagship with a mini-Jack unlikely. Especially for the price.

Price. In Russia the cost of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro on 8-10 thousand higher than the basic version. At least not yet. But each has its own buyer. In extreme cases, you can wait: 8 Mi has fallen in price, there will turn and “Proshka”.

PS As you may have guessed from Xiaomi as always BUT without the Chinese!.

Inevitably still thinking. Are scanner, 3D face recognition and transparent cover payments to a quarter of the price?

The most stylish Mi is already in Russia

Basic Mi 8 — the flagship of the people. Mi top 8 Pro — geeks, fans and fashionistas, the top of tecnomasio Android, which gives you a new experience with the gadget.

Well, to solve as always to You…

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