New wireless earphone Apple AirPods 2 was announced a week ago. Headset got wireless charging, support for Siri voice, and increased battery life. On the MacRumors forum and other social networks have already appeared the first reviews of Apple news.

“Hey Siri”

AirPods 2 have the same design that AirPods first generation. One of the important additions was the function of activating voice assistant Siri with the voice command “Hey Siri”. Thanks to the support of the voice assistant can make calls, adjust the volume, change songs and much more.

First impressions of the new functionality “Hey Siri”. One of the owners of AirPods 2 wrote that the voice of Siri is clearly audible even with loud music. other users report that the voice of Siri, when calling on FaceTime, began to sound clearer.

The sound quality

First impressions of the users about the sound quality 2 AirPods are very contradictory. Some owners of the new earbuds don’t notice any difference in the sound, others, however, argue that the sound quality is much better AirPods 2 AirPods in the first generation.


First users also noticed that the new AirPods faster switch between devices to which they are connected, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Apple claims that the chip H1 allows you to switch between the devices two times faster — in just 4 seconds.

As for battery life, more time is needed for a proper comparison between the new AirPods 2 AirPods and the first generation.

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