The charger is an adapter and wire, and nothing more can come up. So many people think. But this is not the case, and regular charger can be a wireless artwork. To change the situation on the market chargers managed Russian company Skyway (Skyway) with the new automotive wireless charging Skyway Race X. This is magic and a great gift, so say the happy users of the new device.

In the modern rapidly changing world it is difficult to imagine yourself without a smartphone or tablet. Going outside and forgetting the phone at home we feel like without hands. Even around the house from room to room, we move, holding the coveted glowing box. Yes, we got used to it, but all modern gadgets, there is one drawback: the battery sits down regularly, and we have to surround myself with a lot of different adapters and cables. It happens everywhere — at home, at work, in the car. And if the smartphone battery runs out of power, but you don’t have the necessary wires, we immediately panic, it is very important not to miss a business call or a message from a loved one.

We come to the aid of the developers and manufacturers from different countries. The first important step was the agreement and use the same connectors (MicroUSB and USB Type C) charging for all phones. This greatly facilitated our lives, because to find the appropriate wire for charging almost anywhere, even when traveling in another country. But not all manufacturers signed an agreement, for example, Apple has left its connector (Lightning), so until recently I still had to face some difficulties when searching for leads.

A new round was the possibility of using wireless charging. In addition, all manufacturers have agreed to follow a single standard Qi.

Many people have already tried and experienced all the delights of ease of use wireless chargers. Enough to put the phone on a little stand and it automatically starts charging. Wireless charging, bigger and stronger part of our lives, they began to appear in cafes and restaurants, and modern offices, these small podstavochki already has a built-in Desk. Gadgets manufacturers release new devices with this feature, and everyone tries to stay ahead of the competition already releasing models with fast wireless charging.

Manufacturers of chargers, too, are fighting for a place under the sun and try to make everything more beautiful and modern wireless charging. Russia does not lag behind the rest of the world. The first and only Russian company producing stylish and quality quick wireless chargers company was the Skyway. The company has a lot of different models, but I want to note and to tell more about the revolutionary smart car wireless charging Skyway RACE X.

The uniqueness of this charger — built-in infrared sensor that immediately notices that you hold the phone to the charger. Car holder automatically opens for easy placement of your smartphone on a stand. After that, the charger is closed and firmly clamps the smartphone. The same thing happens when you want to remove the phone from the charger. It can be called a true concern for users of smartphones: without the wires, charging she understands everything and keeps it so that even after a long ride many thousands of kilometers your gadget will be charged and well secured.

After learning about this interesting charger, we decided to check how the application user is correct, and now with confidence I can say that Race X is the most comfortable car device now present in the Russian market.

Especially for us, the company Skyway revealed some secrets and told that already next year the company plans to launch the world’s first car charger with voice control. Also is developing a wireless charger lets you charge your gadgets at a distance of three meters. This is truly a revolution in the field of chargers and that can not but rejoice, the first buyers will be Russian users.

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