It seems that Microsoft “took up the mind.”

Output of the revolutionary tablet Microsoft Andromeda, which insiders “blew” the last couple of years, was postponed because of the shortcomings. This was reported by the browser WindowsCentral Zach Bowden, citing its sources.

According to him, Microsoft is not going to repeat the mistakes of the past, producing a “raw” device. The postponement of the release of the tablet Andromeda is associated with the desire of Microsoft to Refine the hardware and software component of the product. However, if the “filling” of the revolutionary tablet will still “work” without any problems, here’s the problem optimization is not going anywhere.

As stressed by Zack Bowden, the tablet will work on a fundamentally new Andromeda OS system with the shell CShell intended for the device with two screens. Therefore, Microsoft Andromeda especially “critical” is a lack of apps. To solve this problem it is planned to use the concept of PWA (Progressive Web Apps). Microsoft will create a special bot, which will be to add “compiled” apps in the Microsoft Store.

It is assumed that a revolutionary tablet Microsoft Andromeda with two screens will be announced in 2019. The most likely time the release of Microsoft Andromeda is spring or autumn 2019.

Source: WindowsCentral


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