According to Roskomnadzor, “Yandex” has removed links to pirate videos from the search results.

A few days ago on “Yandex” faced a realistic threat of blocking of links to pirated videos. TV channels belonging to the holding “Gazprom-media”, on Monday, August 27, through the court demanded to limit access to the service “Yandex.Video” 15 days.

Lock the video section could affect the main search site. The first “Yandex” has called the demands unreasonable, but then it was removed links to pirated video from search results.

Last night “Yandex” has announced the “Roskomnadzor”, has fulfilled the requirements of the Moscow city court related to copyright protection of TV channels of the group “Gazprom-media”.

“The inspection carried out by specialists of Roscomnadzor, has revealed that the grounds for limiting access to the service “Yandex.The video is” currently not available”, — is spoken in the official report of the RCN.

A few hours after the press release, “Interfax” has published the news that TV channels are going to file a lawsuit to “Yandex” in search results of the website were links to pirate resources.

In “Yandex” noted that the law, which provides for the blocking of pirated content does not apply to search engines, so the company works in the legal field.


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