The decision was taken by the new leadership of the Ministry of communications.

The communications Ministry rejected the idea of entering a new type of SIM-cards, which are additionally protected by Russian encryption system. The reason for the refusal is that the order require the replacement of about 200 million SIM cards each year. On this edition of the RNS said the Federal official.

The order of the Ministry of communications on the mandatory transition to the heavily protected SIM card proved difficult. The idea of the officials was to put the Russians on a new type of SIM card that would have the additional cryptographic protection, approved by the FSB.

The main disadvantage of these SIM cards is that they need to change to a new one every 15 months. For execution order, operators would have to change about 200 million SIM cards per year. Over the past year the Russians have replaced the natural way of 30-50 million SIM cards. Thus, a simple and fast switch to the SIM card of the new type is not possible.

Also the Federal official stressed that the Ministry of communications abandoned the idea after the change of leadership and some staff members. The new team listened to criticism from the operators and has decided to cancel the order and continued development of the project. However, the official did not rule out the possibility that the Ministry will revisit the idea after talking with the FSB.

Source: RNS.


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