Roku, the company that manufactures the extender for, and developing the appropriate software, continues to lead in the U.S. market of streaming devices, according to Strategy Analytics, the number of sold devices Roku reached 41 million
As at the end of the first quarter, the share in the market Roku streaming device was 15.2% — considering the number of sold set-top boxes and installed applications.

In second place the Sony Playstation — over 30 million sold devices. Followed by Microsoft Xbox — about 29 million, Samsung’s Tizen — 25 million, Google (Android TV/Chromecast) — 23 million, Amazon Fire TV is 21 million, Nintendo — 18 million Apple TV to 12 million, and WebOS 11 million
The annual rate of growth of sales of smart TV devices in the US grew by 13%, over the year it sold 15.7 million units, 30% of them were devices running on the Roku streaming platform. According to the study, the total number of sold devices are smart TV today, 316 million units.

It is expected that by the end of the year, the share of Roku, the market will grow to 18%, and the number of products sold will increase to 52 million
According to statistics for the first quarter, noticeably gaining momentum sales of the Amazon Fire TV is the company’s share in the market of streaming consoles have grown to 12%. The share of Samsung Tizen in the first quarter was 11%, Google (Android TV/Chromecast) — 9%.

At the Consumer Electronics Show held in January in Las Vegas, a spokesperson for Amazon said that the number of users of Amazon Fire TV exceeded 30 million However, some analysts believe that figure is incorrect, as consider only active users, not just owners of the device. However, the company argued that the Fire TV top-selling streaming device in the US, UK, Germany, India and Japan.

SOURCE: Mediapost

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