Roskomnadzor apparently will have to negotiate with Apple, because to deny U.S. giant in Russia will not work. According to experts, Russian companies are more vulnerable in this situation. But, as foreign, can’t prosecute without reason. Just fines foreign Corporation will cause a much larger outrage.

The Chairman of the Board, Foundation for the development of the digital economy German Klimenko said that Roskomnadzor now all actively checks.

“They started with Russian companies, and now the foreign has become Apple. The question of whether the Roskomnadzor response. But it’s a game. Or, as Durov said, “OK, I’m not going to provide”. Either we agree, — said Klimenko — They should rent in Russia property, servers, which they don’t want to do. Then by law they need to block. We have a lot of stories, laws about the Internet are not enforceable because no one understands how to do it.”

30 January Roskomnadzor said that the Russian representation Apple presented the notification of the beginning of the processing of personal data. The company has made to the registry operators. Previously, the Agency announced the test of Procter & Gamble and Burger King for compliance with their norms of the law on personal data localization.

In September 2015, came into force amendments to the law “On personal data”, which require companies to store and process wscu collect information about the Russians in the country. Because of the violation of norms in the fall of 2016 in Russia, a court decision blocked access to the social network LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter have already responded to the request of Roscomnadzor on providing information on the localization in Russia. Now the Supervisory authority examines these documents, announced on 18 January the press-Secretary of Roscomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy.

If the company refused the demand or ignore it, they will be fined on 5 thousand roubles each, and then they re-take a period from six months to a year to fulfil the conditions, said the head of Department Alexander Zharov.

State Duma Deputy Vadim Denikin (LDPR) said that parliamentarians in 2014 proposed to get the personal data operators to move the servers to Russia. Deputies from LDPR Vadim Denikin and Andrei Lugovoi, as well as the Communist Alexander Yushchenko submitted to the state Duma a package of amendments to the laws on information. To monitor their execution was offered to the Roskomnadzor. Otherwise access to the service will be closed.

As said Alexander Yushchenko, any large company is interested in the market and does not want him to leave. “Therefore, it is unlikely they will resist,” he said.

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