To pay the system plan from the budget.

Roskomnadzor plans to develop and launch a new system of blocking banned in Russia sites and services, including Telegram. According to informed sources, the BBC, the cost of a new lock system from Roskomnadzor will cost up to 20 billion rubles. It is noted that the authorities are ready to allocate money for the creation of a system from the state budget.

Roskomnadzor is going to install in the networks of operators a new system that will perform in-depth analysis and traffic filtering. It will allow the specialists from Roscomnadzor to analyze the entire traffic of the Internet and quickly find packets that may belong to banned in Russia sites and services.

Sources BBC noted that the development of system, purchase and installation of necessary equipment can cost about $ 20 billion. The insiders emphasize that the operators of these expenses want to release. This means that all the costs of a new system of blocking of restricted sites will be held by the state.

Informed technology-depth analysis and filtering software was already tested in Russia. The tests were conducted in August 2018 — they were engaged in the staff of the special Commission of Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of digital development and the FSB.

Source: BBC.


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