Soon Apple is expected to launch its new service called Apple TV+. It will provide users with access to a large number of original series and shows. The subscription on the Apple TV+ will cost only 200 rubles a month. Users were pleasantly surprised by this privacy policy. However, there were also those who did not like it. The latter included the Roskomnadzor.

Sources say that the Agency saw in the Apple TV plus the threat of a Russian online cinema, a subscription often costs more than 200 rubles per month. In the end, Roskomnadzor asked to expedite the adoption of regulations under the law regulating audiovisual services.

We are talking about the law that was passed in 2017. But has not yet entered into force. According to the document, services, foreign participation, which will exceed 20%, must obtain a work permit in Russia. Specifically it is planned to create a separate Commission. In addition to issuing permits, she will also be handling the services.

It is believed that the new regulator may simply “not allowed” in the Russian part of the popular services.


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