It will be applied since October.

In the near future, Roskomnadzor may be able to block all banned in Russia sites without the ability to bypass locks. The Agency creates a new mechanism for blocking IP addresses and 1 October 2018 will share instructions on its use by Internet providers.

The essence of the new mechanism of Roskomnadzor is efficient and quick blocking not just the IP addresses of the IPv4, but also IPv6. It is using the IP address of the last Protocol most blocked in Russia of the sites and services and bypass the lock. In this regard, Roskomnadzor decided to create a convenient mechanism for blocking such IP addresses.

Experts emphasize that IPv6 contains 1028 times more addresses than IPv4. It is assumed that the suppression of forbidden resources of Roskomnadzor will have to block many of these IP addresses, even if most of them currently not used.


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