The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said about the readiness of the Department to the institution of a new administrative case against Google and a fine of up to 750 000 rubles, — informs the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov claims that Google is blocking only 68-70% banned in the Russian Internet content, and that is the reason for the institution of a new case against the search giant.

Banned resources

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation from the issuance of the Internet search engines should exclude the links to forbidden pages, which are related to registry of Roskomnadzor. The list of banned sites includes resources with pornography, incitement to extremism, propaganda of suicide, drug advertising, unlicensed gambling, and pirated content.

The Reaction Of Google

The penalty Google will begin to be issued by Roskomnadzor in July in the absence of a response by the search giant and further failure to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Last time, Roskomnadzor has already fined Google for 500 000 due to the fact that the search engine is not connected to a special registry office with restricted resources. According to a competent source, Google has still not joined the registry or remove a link from a search at the request of Roskomnadzor.

The total amount of fines Google

Edition of “RIA Novosti” referring to a press-service FAS of Russia has informed that for last 3 years total amount of penalties Google has reached 438 million rubles — about $7 million Over the years, Google has been involved in the antitrust case, four administrative proceedings and twice was recognized as a violator of the law “On advertising”.

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