Russian search engine “Yandex” wants to appeal the decision on the termination of access to pirated video, and Roskomnadzor has threatened a lock service in 2 days, in the case of non-compliance.

“By law, the pirated content should be blocked on the website and the so-called mirrors of this site. On search engines, these requirements do not apply. As a search service, Yandex operates in full compliance with the legislation”, – said the representative of “Yandex”.

It all started with the claims of the group’s media holdings to search for the issue in the search results of pirated content. Last week the Moscow city court has satisfied the statement of TV channels, and on August 27 ILV notified “Yandex” on the adoption of measures in the case until August 30 will not be terminated by access to pirated content.

Despite the appeal of a court decision, Roskomnadzor was given to understand that the time of “Yandex” ends and should move the removal of links to videos that violate the rights of copyright holders.

“This is an interim measure in any case — the securing of the claim is in the form of block resource 15 days”, – commented the Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin.

If media holdings during the interim measures will serve the claim on the merits, the lock of “Yandex” will be in operation during the entire trial.


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