Russian quality system (Roskoshestvo), is a member of the international Association of consumer research ICRT, conducted a review of popular apps for Internet shopping. 30 programs for Android and iOS that allows you to place orders in multi-brand stores with fast delivery, studied in practice (making real orders) on 58 criteria, and on March 5 published the results of the study.

The biggest weight among these criteria was safety — after all, buyers are paying for the order by card counting on the security of payment data. Experts “Roccasecca” looking for vulnerabilities, undocumented features and malicious code in programs using the service appScreener Solar (domestic product, developed “Rostelecom”), and other specialized software.

On set of criteria the most secure признаkb app “Messenger” (3.98 out of 5), “RIVE GAUCHE” (of 3.93 out of 5) and Butik (3,89 out of 5) for iOS and (4,41 out of 5), “the Messenger” (of 4.22 out of 5) and “the” (of 4.18 out of 5) for Android.

Studying the functionality of applications online stores, “Rascacielo” considered the possibilities of searching and sorting of goods that can be filtered according to various paramtres, convenience, personal account, and system reviews. Most functional applications the Internet stores turned out to be the “” and Wildberries — for both mobile platforms.

The experts recognized a lack of most applications a small number of filters, and the ability in many to rate the product and leave it opinion, not even making a purchase. In addition, very few shops not yet implemented support for safe and convenient (does not require data input cards) pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay or accelerate the process scanning functions of Bank cards with your smartphone camera to automatically populate the fields.

The best app among all tested online stores according to Roskoshestvo became (for both mobile platforms) — it was the most functional and convenient for shopping various categories — from clothing to equipment. The five leaders also includes a, Lamoda, Wildberries, KUPIVIP and.

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