By the end of 2020 Rosreestr will introduce a new service of electronic cards. Deputy head of Department Vyacheslav Spirenkov said in an interview with NSN, how will they differ from those of Yandex. Cards and about how many in Russia white spots why maps require constant updates and why Americans cry when they see our cards. — At us in Russia the white spots there? All were investigated and mapped? — Speaking of the map exploration, that the question here is in the quality and extent of issledovano. We have 100 cards and 50 th scale, which covered the whole territory. 25-thousandths — we only update the area with a high population density. That is, from the point of view of kartografirovaniya, there is a question of relevance, because, obviously, the Earth is alive, it moves, changes, undergoes various processes: tectonic shifts. Therefore, the card needs to be updated. And we are doing this. The larger the scale, the more expensive the manufacture of these cards. And, apparently, not always economically justified? — And what sense to uninhabited areas of Siberia, the Far East, to make large-scale maps of the scale of the two thousandth, five hundredth of the scale? In the digital economy we are now doing for all settlements two thousand digital orthotamine. It’s like aerial photography, which is easy to navigate, with houses, to determine the coordinates, hold zemleustroitelnye, cadastral work. 200 th scale you can measure with an accuracy of 10 centimeters, and in two-thousand — already 1 meter accuracy. For example, for correcting cadastral errors, determine the boundaries of plots of agricultural land, boundaries of municipalities, settlements enough two thousandth scale for populated and 10-thousand for megjelenni site. Planned until 2024 to cover the entire settlements such shooting. We all have those shooting — digital orthotamine, card — immerse yourself in a single electronic cartographic base. Next year we must complete the establishment of such a service. This will be a service like Yandex. Card? — We do a similar service. But the whole point is that it will be a state service, it is made according to the state standards and it is official. That is, all state agencies, municipalities, entities can use it. At the end of 2020, we plan such a service to run. He is very popular, we have already in place are regional and Federal bodies of Executive power. We are now conducting “pilot” in Krasnodar, in the Crimea. Yandex has created a commercial service, certain services are free, others are for a fee, revenue from advertising, too. And individuals will be able to use your service? — Yes, but for a small fee. These services are primarily interesting business. — I understand that geodesy and cartography — is the concern of the state. But geo, roughly speaking, which are based on your job, is history commercial? — In Soviet period geodesy and cartography was only the state, but all activities were such. Exclusively the state and virtually a secret industry that use its products only to a very narrow sphere of specialists — builders, surveyors, engineers. PHOTO: RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev, Well, tourists, probably, maybe. Well, tourists can be. Now each student, the student has a tablet, a smartphone, and there’s dozens of these maps, the various satellite images. And it turns out that surveying and mapping out in broad masses. Services cartographic basis became very popular. And we as a public body it is important to correctly build a strategy for public policy. In Soviet times, it was the state and all the secret; in the 90s the idea was that everything on the market, everything market. Now we want to find the middle ground. Conduct scientific research field of activity. By the way, his results is open, the website So here is a picture of the moment, which will allow us to continue to develop and adopt principles of state policy. We are now together with the Ministry of defence this document began to develop. It is clear that geodesy and cartography — it has always around the world… — Military dimension still. — Yes! They are two sides of the coin — civil and military. Therefore, there is no military we’re not going anywhere. Defense and security is very important. And these principles of state policy, I hope, will develop in the next year agree, bring in the Government there will approve and understand how 2030 will this activity be developed. — How would it be useful in the future? — Here it became clear, for example, that the most popular services in the field of geodesy and cartography is the cadastral work and land management. That is the most active, the most commonly used is the work carried out by cadastral engineers on the measurement, the refinement of coordinates of land plots and capital construction objects. And we have a year under this Nira insights fix for yourself and for six months work on the project “principles of state policy” and understand that we need to develop in the first place. Here a lot of problems. For example, now completely lost the scope of instrumentation in surveying. In Soviet times, all surveyors were measuring domestic appliances. Now, unfortunately, all the instruments we import. It is clear that we need to develop the software and Russian, and we have the order of the President in this area. Now the legislation we plan to rule, to the Russian software was the priority. Well, in the long term, of course, up to 2030 — instrumentation. There definitely need your competence to restore. This is a new, high-precision scientific sphere. — Well, Yes, here among the fingers no cost. — Of course! We need modern high-precision techniques of satellite geodesy. — You worked in the current year with the authorities. And business? There is some understanding of what the business expect from you? — Waiting for our business cards and high-quality, modern geodetic network. There is also the issue of the necessity of their renewal, relocation networks, again due to this motion of the Earth and anthropogenic impact. Also the Government us the task was set that every ten years we recompute the parameters of the figure of the Earth. PHOTO: RIA Novosti / Valery Titievsky — It’s changing? — It changes due to geodynamical processes. It is not a sphere and not an ellipsoid, it is very complex shapes — mountains, rivers, lowlands. Look at a map — it is rough. And it’s all moving. Geodetic network are also changing, they must constantly pereprobyval. And every ten years we actually periuterine new state coordinate system, from which is calculated. — Excuse me, the layman, the curvature of the Earth? — The curvature of the Earth, relatively speaking. World community, world geodetic institutions, the UN can’t do without our measurements to exist in principle. If we say: “No, we have bothered you” and leave to participate in the work of international institutions, they will not have the exact parameters of the Land. — So we have the opportunity, just given the length of the country? Yeah, just given the length and the size of Russia, the ability to make measurements on our territory. Scientific school, the territory itself and a very serious Soviet basis of us will still look very good. And, of course, economic development. We did estimates of market size of geodesy and cartography. We are in the top ten countries in terms of money. We have developed market for surveying: the construction, cadastral surveys, land management. And how relevant is the figure of 1 trillion rubles on the market? — The market of spatial data and in General the sphere of geodesy and cartography has a huge potential because it is a real spatial data, which allow to navigate in all sectors of the economy and give some additional effect. The same business, by the way. With Corporation small and medium enterprise we have a joint project “Business Navigator”. A businessman, for example, wants to open a retail outlet and does not understand whether any particular place is the buyer or not. He takes… spatial data — spatial data Takes, in the coordinates, and it the system says: “here the flow of people here are, then, morning, evening, night, things, people, and around such a point. You will have competition here or it will not.” — That is not necessary, say, to point the finger. You can predict? — Yes, you can already predict that Yes, there will be a gold mine, no competition, and besieged by visitors will not be you in a week, their costs will discourage. Or Vice versa: open don’t open it, here zero, a lot of competitors and visitors will not be any. That is, that spatial data to open a stall or a supermarket, and all there rests in geodesy and cartography. — Do you think that the current school contour maps correspond to reality? — There is a problem, we discussed it also with the Ministry of education. It is clear that the publishers of the cards are trying to save money. And that is the cheapest? Buy somewhere in China there is some obscure books, transfer cards. Buy for a penny, sell for a ruble. And, unfortunately, there are indeed individual cases. Rosreestr is also engaged in geodetic supervision, and including a correctness of display of names of geographical objects, such as settlements and the state border of the Russian Federation. Do the facts were revealed — and in books, and in books, even in programs in smartphones inconsistencies display the state borders and the violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation. We identify such facts, measures, fine. Recently we dealt with companies such as Apple and Google because they are the territory of Crimea was displayed incorrectly. Spent with them explanatory work. Of course, they cleverly did. That is, when you look from Russia show that the Russian Crimea. If we look from the territory of other States — there the display is slightly different. Same with textbooks. We are now in the Ministry of education are working to make all the geography books, outline maps passed our examination. So we could confirm that the names match and match of the border. — One card is better — we or Google Maps? — First, we must understand that Google is merchants. For merchants, the quality is not as important, they are important — to weigh the costs. They apply crowdfunding, when pupils, students, for fun, sit draw cards, use any information available. It is even incorrect to compare. Well, it is clear that it is aimed at fans of catering the nearest restaurant to find. — Rightly said! But they are our maps also use. Yandex, for example, we regularly acquires new cards to include in their services. If you Yandex opens it, there at the bottom of the license agreement is copyright and the copyright of the building in the forefront. The more interesting question for me is the state of the card. What state maps better and more — a Russian or European American? — And who better? A map of Russia or a map of America? — Definitely Russian! In the framework of the project “Spatial data in the Arctic” (website we have placed their cards, our foreign colleagues cartographers of their own, it is very easy to compare them at the junction of state borders. When the Finns, Americans, Canadians see our cards, they have the tears. They say that “we do not know how and can’t afford it”. Soviet standards mapping, which so far we have saved very hard and very detailed. We are displayed, conventionally, the terrain, small rivers, streams, marshes, springs, woods. They on the cards that is practically nothing. This is about the state of the card.

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