Bloomberg found in the list of products Apple two devices that have long not been updated. And, according to the same edition, they can still re-issue this year. Though perhaps not in the way many expect.

The first product is a laptop that looks like MacBook Air with a thinner part and a Retina display. Bloomberg called it “inexpensive”, possibly talking about. If Yes, then everything falls into place, and the new laptop will be just an updated “air”, though perhaps under a different name.

The second product is much more interesting. As you know, the Mac Mini is not updated in 2014 (MacBook Air is only from 2017). And, in the opinion of the magazine’s staff in Cupertino may well update the compact PC. It was assumed that this model will be significantly more expensive than the 2014 version, which was estimated at $ 499. Hypothetical Mac Mini Pro obviously needs to get a SSD and new processors. However, we’ll see.


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