Apple intends this year to release two new products aimed at a need for powerful tools professionals. We are talking about the MacBook Pro more than any current models, screen sizes, and a high level of 31.6-inch monitor with innovative lighting.

This writes with reference to the analytical note of the well-known and knowledgeable expert in the field of the yet to be announced Apple gadgets, Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo is known for his connections in the environment of Asian manufacturing partners and Apple is not the first year predicts more precisely the other parameters for future devices.

According to the expert, Apple is going to release a MacBook Pro with a retina screen diagonal of 16 or 16.5 inches. Previously, the range Apple 17-inch professional laptop, but since 2012, these models were not produced. Moreover, Kuo writes that the device will be “completely new” design — and this despite the fact that the last appearance of laptops Apple changed not so long ago, in 2016.

With regard to 31.6-inch monitor, which will replace the shot from the market in 2016, the Cinema Display, it will stand out a resolution “6k3k” (as in the note, Kuo, apparently we are talking about the approximate number of pixels horizontally and vertically) and new, progressive technology MiniLED backlight. It can be considered as transitional towards a MicroLED LEDs backlight will be tiny in size from hundreds to several hundreds of microns each, however, will continue to work in conjunction with an LCD matrix, and not forming the image on their own, as in the case of the MicroLED.

Here are a couple of parts of the new notes Kuo: the end of the year Apple will finally release a new Mac Pro with the components that the user will be able to upgrade yourself. In addition, the 13-inch MacBook Pro might get the option to install 32 GB of RAM. Now they, unlike the 15-inch version is limited to 16 GB.

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