Sounds like Apple all right.

Over the past two months it became known that sales of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR below expectations Apple. It became clear from the reports of the suppliers of components to Apple, and in connection with rumors of a reduction in the supply of the new iPhone at 30%. Today, however, two of the largest manufacturing partner of Apple has reported a significant increase in monthly revenues. Experts believe that the rumors of low demand for the new iPhone have been greatly exaggerated.

The Asian company TSMC and Foxconn have reported identical income growth of 5.6% in November 2018. Foxconn’s revenue was $19.5 billion, which is a record company. Revenue of TSMC equal to $3.1 billion — that’s less than in October, but well above analysts ‘ expectations.

Thus, the two main manufacturing partner, Apple reported revenue growth and sales. At the same time, no doubt, the increase in earnings of companies associated with the sales of the new iPhone. The share of revenues from Apple, the company Foxconn is equal to 50%, TMSC — 20%.

Apple will report earnings for the current quarter in January 2019. And then we will officially know how well sold the new iPhone.

Source: MR.


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