Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave another forecast of future smart glasses, Apple Glasses. According to him, the new product with the support of augmented reality can come out in 2020.

The experts from Loup Ventures believe that the glasses will be released in December 2021. According to them, the new device will eventually overtake the iPhone in popularity.

In the past, Apple has always demonstrated an impressive growth after the presentation of new products and user interfaces. We believe that Apple will do it again in 2020, presenting augmented reality glasses

Ming-Chi Kuo
He spoke about the future of the Corporation as a whole. Kuo said that the services of augmented reality, glasses Apple, as well as company vehicle will double the value of the company from Cupertino in several years.

Although by all accounts the project of an unmanned vehicle Apple canceled, the expert believes that Project Titan is still in development and will be released in 2023-2025 years. The main reason for this Kuo called the introduction of new technologies, in particular augmented reality. It can change the traditional cars for example the first iPhone changed mobile phones.

Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that integration between services and devices Apple is superior to everything available on the market. Some truth in this.


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