Moscow, April 24 — “News. Economy” Netflix Inc. may lose about 14% of subscribers (about 8.7 million people), after the start of the streaming service Disney+.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Streaming Observer and Mindnet Analytics among subscribers to Netflix, the company may start losing $117 million per month — as many will be users who will abandon Netflix in favor of Disney.

At that time, as competition in the market for streaming services is growing, and users who previously did not have a choice, you begin to think and to consider the proposals announced in the framework of presentations of the services from Apple, Amazon and Disney.

In comments during the announcement of the financial results in the first quarter, Netflix has downplayed the threat from new competitors. CEO of Netflix reed Hastings believes that Disney and Apple though are powerful companies, but it is unlikely that their impact on the user base of Netflix will be significant.

The head of service said that Netflix, and so many competitors in the entertainment market and still service successfully increasing user base. However, few of the rivals Netflix also significant as Apple and Disney. Available Apple more than $285 billion of free money from the sales of devices and subscription services, the company can spend these funds on production of original video content. For comparison, Netflix has this amount is equal to $1.3 billion

In the summer of 2017, Apple announced that it spent $1 billion on the production of video content and in 2019 Kew said, this amount increased to $2 billion a year. In 2018, Netflix spent $8 billion on the production of original content, and in 2019 plans to increase the amount to $10 billion

But Apple has the advantage — the number of users. The company has more than 1.4 billion active devices, through which you can promote Apple TV+.

The survey Streaming Observer and Mindnet Analytics showed that 12.3% of respondents said that they can cancel a subscription to Netflix and become clients Disney +, and 2.2% said that they will abandon Netflix. About every fifth user Netflix said it plans to subscribe to both services.

More than 37% of respondents said that Disney will try + when it comes out, compared with 40% who said they were not interested in the service from Disney. As expected, parents of young children will probably want Disney instead of Netflix, considering the number of family films and TV shows, including the films of Pixar, the content from Marvel and Star Wars franshise.

Overall, 23% of parents with children aged 15 and under said that they could go with Netflix Disney+, while only 10% without children said that they can stop using Netflix.

“Despite the fact that Netflix is continually adding more children’s content in your library, it’s hard to imagine he can compete with the volume of content that has accumulated from Disney that can be a source of concern for the streaming giant,” reads the survey.

On the development of Disney+ Corporation will allocate more than $1 billion in the 2020 fiscal year and about $2 billion by 2024, the Company has set a target to attract 60 to 90 million subscribers and achieve profitability of the project in 2024. Another streaming service, Hulu, is scheduled to profitability by fiscal year 2024, increase the number of subscribers up to 40-60 million.

[PICTURE] [/PICTURE] AT the end of March, Netflix had 60 million subscribers in the United States and 88.6 million international subscribers. According to the survey, 37.5% of users of Netflix, saying that they will try Disney + equal audience of 22.5 million.

According to the study SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, 24% of citizens in the United States, with a subscription to Netflix, planning to additionally connect to Disney +, and 8% will replace my subscription with Netflix Disney +.

However, among analysts there is no unequivocal assurance that Disney will be able to crush Netflix. There are reasons to doubt that the field can dominate only one service. Of course, not all companies decided to start streaming, will be released from the race winners. In the end, everything will be free choice subscribers who can decide what content is worth paying, and services are not worth a cent.

John Meyer, analyst firm Transpire Ventures, believes that Netflix still has an advantage in the market. The expert believes that Disney can “take a small niche” among families and young viewers, but not a serious threat to Netflix.

“In the end, it is a technology company and has a huge set of data that it collects from its millions of subscribers, helping it to decide what kind of original content to create in the future,” Meyer said.

Laura Martin, analyst Needham & Co., disagree with this projection, stating that Disney, with its well-known brands and franchises eventually will crush Netflix. Martin said that in polls Americans say they plan to use only two or three streaming services, so any increase in Disney+ significantly weaken Netflix.

Another powerful argument in favor of the streaming service Disney — the fact that it offers premium content at a relatively low price — about $7 per month, which is approximately twice less than that of Netflix and HBO Now. With Disney’s ambitious plans for 25 of the original series and 10 feature-length productions. And given the fact that the company already owns well-known brands, there is a possibility that she will succeed in the streaming business.

In short: investors are right, being in awe of the November debut of Disney service. Extensive library, competitive price and an ambitious production schedule mean that this newbie will quickly become the dominant force in live streaming. But Netflix sure to bury still early.

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