With experienced athletes understand what to do with a popular gadget for professionals, Amateurs and beginners

The season runs and workouts on the streets started in the near future on the streets, more and more people who are preparing for every year is gaining more popularity with the mass races and marathons! Together with our partner iPort — Apple Premium Reseller in St. Petersburg, we asked five athletes to test Apple Watch and honestly tell about the training with the popular gadget.

Explore yourself

C mind the Apple Watch are a sports machine, but contain everything you need for training and measuring devices. A 10-mm package hidden optical heart rate sensor that monitors heart rate, GPS, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, and not only. Using Apple Watch you can even do an electrocardiogram, and now this function is already actively used in the U.S. and Europe, and Apple promise that she will appear in many other countries (hopefully, us!).

Using the watch during training, you learn not only the precise distance, which managed to go for a walk, to overcome during the race or even to swim during a training session in the pool (Yes, the Apple Watch is not afraid of water!). But also get information about how it all reflected on the state of the body — how varied the heart rate, how many calories you’ve burned and what sports you can safely put yourself in the future.

Maria Malysheva, the master of sports of athletics, running coach and functional training

Usually, in order to make the necessary measurements, before exercise is necessary to light weight itself multiple gadgets. Cool, that multiple sensors can fit in some hours of weightless that you don’t even notice the hand. Easy to run and even sleep — unlike other sports watches you in the eyes do not Shine the flashlight fixing pulse readings. Another striking plus — Apple Watch is suitable for water and record the training in the pool. A week ago I was in the mountains and discovered a workout “Hiking”: hours analyzed elevation changes, the length of the descents and how climbing has affected my heart rhythm.

To get a coach that is always with you

As soon as you start your morning jog, watch notice it and offer to begin the training “Run”. Apple Watch supports all popular types of training, including “Cycling”, “Yoga”, “Vysokoyarusnye training” and “Hiking”. Each workout is stored on the iPhone Activity app.

“Personal trainer” on your wrist helps to thoroughly prepare for marathons — each time controlling the tempo while Jogging and offering detailed statistics at the end of the workout. Watch record distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned and send the collected information to the iPhone in the Health app, adding to the knowledge base of the user itself. And watch let you know if during training something went wrong — for example, lost his desired pace.

Maria Shinkevich, athlete, triathlete, athlete, coach, crossfit

So I have been doing triathlon, I will use three main workout: “Running”, “Cycling” and “Swimming”. Watch I got a accuracy of optical heart rate sensor: compared to fitness trackers that I have used, they’re much faster. And finally, during breaks during long training sessions I can check the notification of messengerhow and mail. Or even take a call while in the pool or sauna. I notice that more and more people take a mechanical watch and replace them with sports — health, and attention in fashion, and it’s great. And see friends, which, thanks to the Apple Watch began to move more and train harder — perform the target activity, which offer them a watch, close the so-called “rings of activity”. Competition and gaming element always increases motivation.

Learn how to set goals

Professional athletes are accustomed to daily training and working on good results, the problems with setting goals usually do not occur. But newcomers and fans for motivation, you often need a coach. As a mentor, advocate and Apple Watch: the watch doing everything to ensure that you wanted to once again jog. For example, to go to the goal and best results help ring activity. Ring “Mobility” will indicate how many calories were spent for the day. Ring “Exercises” will display on the screen how many minutes a day do you vigorously move. The ring shows motivates you to get up from your Desk and do a short workout during the day. By the way, you can compete not only with itself but also with fellow Apple Watch users, gaining points depending on your activity during the day. From casual Jogging and workouts proceed to the investigation of their capabilities.

Test advanced sports apps

iPhone won universal love not only with unique design, easy interface and technical capabilities. The popularity he gained and the huge array of apps that go exclusively for iOS. Also with the Apple Watch compared to other sports brands hours they are able to support the impressive number of third-party programs for athletes. This is a social network for runners, by which it is possible to find a partner to prepare for the marathon, and online coaches that will help with the mind to build sports.

All around the Apple Watch created a real ecosystem: they have got friends in the form of sports equipment from different manufacturers using the technology GymKit. Watch connect with them and receive information on the results achieved on an exercise bike or a treadmill.

Vladislav Trushkin, basketball player of the higher League of BC “Zenit”

I didn’t think the Apple Watch is about sports, but they are really useful for Jogging and working out at the gym. And was much more functional fitness tracker that I used before. Phone and other gadgets with a clear conscience to leave in the locker room: stopwatch, heart rate monitor, and involve the player in one device. I can’t wear a watch at basketball practice or competition under the rules of the game, we prohibited any accessories, even rings. But using them during classes at the gym, in the pool or while Jogging. Download on the Apple Watch your own playlist, start the workout “Running” watches measure your performance, and you sink into yourself and focus on the sensations.

Take care health

We have already mentioned the Health app, where security information is stored with Apple Watch, gadgets, and third-party apps related to health and user activity. It has four sections: “Activity”, “Sleep”, “Awareness” and “Food”. Each of them recommended their own software, which will allow you to gather the most data for analysis. For example, to examine sleep phase, to monitor the caloric intake and amount of fluid intake. And the clock will analyse the statistics and take it as guidance for setting the following goals. With activity, sleep and diet is more or less clear. And what of the category of “Awareness”? It takes into account everything associated with relaxation, breathing and meditation. By the way, if Apple Watch configure the application “Breathing”, that at certain times the watch will remind you that it’s time to rest and do breathing practices.

Alina Mikryukova, swimmer, triathlete, co-founder of the project I One Team. Numerous finisher Ironman series and the only woman from Russia, finishiruya on Norseman

I think that Apple Watch is ideal for those who have decided to start sporting life: hours for all will see clearly detects the pulse, stores the results of different workouts. They help me in the long Cycling training: minimum spent charging while running GPS during a 4-hour bike ride and a sense of security. The clock is always there: you can see your route and the kilometers traveled, to answer an urgent call and not lots of wires from the headphones. Outside of training he discovered the function with the moments of lucidity, I never did yoga or breathing exercises, but when the flower blossoms, begin to obediently breathe in pace and follow the rhythm of the heart.

Not to take after a workout

And yet the Apple Watch is unlikely to want to take off after came out from the locker room of the gym or have returned home from a run. Rather the opposite, without hours of habitual actions are performed is not so familiar and easy. Apple Watch to read notifications, answer calls, pay for a purchase using Apple Pay to listen to music without a phone and in a convenient mode to use Navigator. Thought out interface, intuitive to any user of Apple technology, and instead of the usual sound notifications, you can use a tactile, that is, the pulsation at the wrist. It if you want and Wake you up instead of the Intrusive alarm clock, and announced a new kilometer travelled, and notify about new SMS.

Don’t want the display looked like a typical screen of the electronic clock? Okay, you can choose from a variety of options — including make it look like the dial sports chronograph. Same with the straps — in addition to sporting a leather and metal bracelets an infinite number of colors.

Rostislav Plechko, Rostislav Plechko, businessman, public figure, professional boxer, champion Russia, Asian champion in heavy weight

For people who are active during the day, solve a billion tasks and constantly needs to be aware of what is happening, the Apple Watch is a convenient option hours. Personally, I can afford sometimes to be not connected, so the notice for me is not fundamental. More excited to be able to listen to music while Jogging — no need to carry a phone, a clock connected with AirPods wireless headphones or other Bluetooth.

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Good workout!

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