Edition PhoneArena has compared the prices of the new iPhone in different countries. It turned out that in Russia iPhone 11 Max Pro with 512 GB will be sold at the highest value.

The cost of smartphones from Apple is not common across countries because of exchange rates, value added or import duties. Journalists do not find out what exactly affected the prices in each country. They just compare how much iPhone model 11 with 64 GB of memory and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

For the cheapest iPhone the results were as follows: cheaper it will cost the people of Japan ($692), while the most expensive — the Norwegians ($947). Russia is not breaking records, but still close to the Norway — iPhone 11 with the least amount of memory of the Russians will be able to buy for $933.

But iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost the compatriots to $2053. This is the highest price among comparable countries. Cheaper new to buy in the USA ($1449). The difference is palpable, isn’t it?

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