Forest fires on the area of 303 thousand hectares are liquidated in day group of military aircraft of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation on the territory of Krasnoyarsk territory and the Irkutsk region. As reported IA REGNUM, with reference to the press service of the Ministry, planes and helicopters during the day, made 61 flight, dumped 650 tons of water, 303 thousand hectares.

The damage from 7.6 thousand forest fires that occurred in Russia in the first half of 2019, amounted to 2.4 billion rubles. According to the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation, quoted by INTERFAX, over the last three years the number of fires increased by 12%, and their area is 3.2 times. For three years the damage from fire amounted to 68.9 billion rubles. Just last year happened to 11.4 thousand fires, covering a total of 8.5 million ha. the Main reasons for fires of the audit chamber of the Russian Federation is the lack of funding, lack of equipment, extinguishing, shortage of personnel units land and air protection in the regions, as well as the low quality of fire protection measures carried out by the tenants of the plots.

Chinese company Huawei has doubled its revenues in Russia (61.7 billion to 132.3 billion rubles) over the last year and 2.4 times the net profit of the Russian subsidiary of Huawei Technologies Co. In 2018, the volume of the Russian market of smartphones reached a record value of $7,56 billion (474 billion) — was sold more than 30 million devices. The share of Huawei in the market has increased from 11 to 20% of the Chinese company in Russia took second place, ahead of Apple. First place in sales of smartphones in Russia is still owned by South Korea’s Samsung.

The volume of the national welfare Fund (NWF) has doubled in July 2019. As reported TASS with reference to materials of the Finance Ministry, the Fund is 7,867 trillion (equivalent to $124,137 billion), so its volume is now 7.2% of GDP. In July 2019 the national welfare Fund, according to the budget rule, received additional oil and gas revenues for the year 2018 in the amount of $30,206 billion, €25,7 42 billion and £5,064 billion

A record amount for auto loans of 152 billion rubles — gave banks the Russians during the second quarter of 2019. As RIA Novosti reported, citing a study from the credit history Bureau “Equifax”, this figure is more than 25% in comparison with the data for the first quarter of 2019. The previous record of 150.3 billion rubles was installed in the fourth quarter of 2018. The number of executed loans of the Russian banks also set a record. In the second quarter of 2019 year they were issued 202,5 thousand against 197,1 thousand loans in the fourth quarter of 2018. However, the average size of loan (of 750.8 thousand rubles) was less than last year’s maximum (of 762.6 thousand rubles).

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