Caviar a Russian company known for its expensive remake of the devices from Apple, in their hands visited as the iPhone, and various accessories American giant. This time the hands of the specialists of Caviar and got to the recently introduced wireless headphones — Apple AirPods Pro.

So, the most expensive model — Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition is not only worth 4.3 million rubles, but is the only in the world model, the exterior of the case and headphones which are made of solid gold 750. In addition to the flagship model, the company produces and options for “simpler” is a value of from 84 to 99 thousand rubles. The headphones are available in different colors, and their charging case is made of genuine leather, Python or alligator the appropriate color.

Interestingly, the gold version AirPods Pro will be released in a single copy. However whether they will buy someone a similar version is quite good wireless headphone from Apple is a very interesting question.

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