Failure to comply with Chinese laws for the Apple can easily result in huge losses, forcing the American company to follow the rules of Beijing. Cooperation with foreign companies in Russia is moving in a similar direction, and we can use the Chinese experience, experts say.

“The Chinese precedent” Apple

Apple began storing data of Chinese iCloud users on the servers of the largest national operator China Telecom. ICloud stored photos, videos and other files, and the correspondence of users via SMS and e-mail. If earlier to query those data, or the Chinese side was forced to go to the USA, now the keys to decrypt any information from iCloud Apple has provided the division of China Telecom Tianyi called.

“After China demanded that Apple give them a certain amount of data about its citizens, the American company had no other solution but to accept these demands. If they refused to carry it on Chinese servers, you could lose the Chinese market, and this is a painful blow to the entire Apple business,” — said the Director of the Association of professional users of social networks and messengers Vladimir Zykov.

China remains a key market for Apple, the company gets in this country about 45% of total revenue. Failure to comply with Chinese laws can easily become a ban device sales in the country or closure of access to Internet services, which threatens huge losses even for one of the most expensive companies in the world.

“It is worth noting the specifics of the Chinese market. There is the same Google and other popular Western tech giants. Most of the local phones, though available on Android, but there are services and counterparts of the local companies. Production same Apple, on the contrary, a widespread and very popular among the local population that directly displayed on the global value of the company”, — explains the interlocutor BAFS “the Economy today”.

The situation in Russia

In turn, the expert in the field of information security, Alexander Vlasov, believes that agreeing to the demands of the Beijing store personal data of Chinese users in China, Apple clearly demonstrating how the business interests of a global technology Corporation can be combined with local laws. The situation in Russia is moving in a similar direction, largely due to the actions of Roskomnadzor.

We will remind that the Russian law of 1 August 2015, obliges Internet companies working with personal data of Russians to register with the Roskomnadzor as organizer information dissemination (ORI), and within six months to keep on the territory of the Russian Federation all sent and received information with the Russians. Failure to fulfill this provision, once threatened for legal persons a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles, but in the case of repeated violations, the service may be blocked in Russia.

“The obligation to preserve the data of citizens on servers in Russia occurs only if the company listed in the register of the organizers of disseminating information, but to the Apple such claims have not been filed because they are not the organizer of information dissemination and therefore does not store data of Russian citizens on the territory of our country.

According a month ago in the register LV brought 145 companies, with such large foreign companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in not yet included. While dealing with these companies takes place at the level of agreements through dialogue, but if LV will start validate, and the company to fulfill the requirements, they may be blocked on the territory of Russia”, — said Vladimir Zykov.

At the same time, the IT giants do not want to lose the Russian market, which brings them considerable profit and try to find a compromise. But in the case of Russia the situation is somewhat more complicated than “the Chinese precedent” Apple as it mixed with politics. On the background of swelling in USA stories about RF interference in the elections, a us technology company of serious pressure from the authorities in the matter of transfer of personal data on Russian servers.


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