In the first cycle (see “Academy” №27 from 17.07.2019) been told, legitimized by the Constitution and a whole host of different international agreements are in fact colonial status as if our Empire. Under the cover of the 15th article of the Constitution about the primacy of international law over national law virtually eliminated the Russian high-tech industry. The country opened not a window, but massive gates for foreign electronic products and semiconductors, preparing only professionals for their sales and service.

After the industry came the turn of Russian secondary and higher education. Invented by the transnational corporations of the IT areas of the world digital economy, and the hype around artificial intelligence, clumsy movements of our government, that their projects would just give trillions of rubles Western corporations, will finally consolidate our backlog from civilization. The destruction of education will deprive us of hope to try to escape from the semiconductor trap.

Pants prop, but the world does not disgrace

Russian officials like to say that our country “adheres to the universally recognized principles and norms of international law and international treaties”. When such honesty is for the good of the country, no questions. But the government of Dmitry Medvedev suicide continues to fulfill these obligations, even when it contradicts the national interests of the country.

— In 2000, Russia joined the Okinawa Charter, and in 2003 the Geneva Declaration of principles building the global information society. One of the important conditions of these international agreements was the change programs in primary and secondary schools to provide opportunities for lifelong learning with an emphasis on developing skills of using foreign mass Internet technologies. In the same 2003 Russia joined the Bologna process, committing themselves to create a single European higher education area. In this regard, in the framework of the “Gref’s program” was introduced to the exam, specialized high school, two-level higher education and a number of other innovations. Thus was the beginning of transformation inherited from the Soviet Union the national education system based on supranational criteria, — says academician Vladimir Betelin.

By the way, implement these overarching ideas Vladimir Filippov, Minister of education in those years. Now he steers the HAC is steeped in scandals of plagiarism.

Even the national project “Education” with trillion-dollar budget includes two opposite vectors: education is proposed “on the basis of moral and spiritual values of the peoples of Russia, historical and national-cultural traditions”; education, in contrast, will be based on the principles of “ensuring global competitiveness and becoming one of the top 10 countries on the quality of General education”. Everything seems nice, but it should be clearly understood that the main thing — not the form but the content, not the growth rate, and the direction. In “ten strong” we are found equal, only if we comply with their predominantly Anglo-Saxon criteria. If we are going to develop their own, in their “top ten” we definitely won’t. It is impossible to build a sovereign for a sovereign country — if the criteria of others — emphasizes the doctor of economic Sciences Vasiliy Simchera.

The interlocutors of “an” recalled that the national content of the Soviet system of education, especially technical, never focused on the wrong success criteria, however, the West and the East with hands off of our specialists. Without it, the Bologna system and the recognition of diplomas. Just the knowledge was of higher quality without any ratings. Still in Russian society, despite all the propaganda, do not trust purchased the education and degree, to the success achieved by any means. To the question: “do you have cheap or go?” serious Russian people will always say: “go!” But the Russian authorities will say, “checkered”…

Throw the goat

There is an anecdote: “When the guy was all bad, the Rebbe advised him to take the goat. After some time, when it was generally the edge, plus stank of goat, the Rebbe said, “Get the goat!” Breathing became easier, and life seemed not so bad.” The same happened with the Russian education. In the 1990s, it practically ceased to Finance, teachers and professors taught day, evening, traded in the markets, and some other. The budget was poor. In the beginning of may, coincided two events. “The” former Komsomol and Communist German Gref wrote the program “development of Russia till 2010” and suddenly the oil prices went up. The country went to the oil millions, and education breathed a little deeper. Under a small increase of financing and dragged recorded in the Gref program of educational reform. In particular, the notorious exam. By the way, in that distant program was the strategic goal of education for our children — “why study geography, the driver will take!”. In those years, 20 years ago, the foundations of the educational process for current mitrofanushka.

— Further transformation inherited from the USSR system of education was inevitable, because it did not meet the “generally recognized principles” of a liberal economy. Indeed, its main goal was to form in society a “cult of knowledge” and “doing shots” in the interests of the state and society. In the new liberal Russian economy, whose main goal is profit for shareholders, “the cult of knowledge”, of course, was replaced by the “cult of money”. And education, which aims to “make shots” for the state and society, in this new economy, obviously, had to be replaced (sooner or later) private education, the aim of which is profit for shareholders. The maximum profit to the shareholders will provide “educational goods”, that is, customer training short-lived skills and competencies throughout his life. Form of training — remote based on cheap mass Internet technologies, which is much cheaper than the constant maintenance of the faculty. According to the authors of the report “Twelve new solutions for education” CSR and HSE, that such education should be a key factor in the growth of the welfare of the country and every person, because it is a growing sector of the economy, comparable with the oil. As income of those shareholders who will control this market, — said the academician Betelin.

In fact, people are forced into another bondage — eternal student loan. And then there is loans — housing, car loan, education of children. The impression is that Herman Oskarovich even 20 years ago knew what was going to become sberbankom, and wrote a future for themselves. Who knows, maybe it was…

A few quotes from the report “the Future of education: a global agenda” (Skoltech 2014): “Cheap technology that allows you to rip the content from its speakers, can quickly and effectively penetrate the educational process and quickly become widespread. Need to discuss technology aimed at the mass user, and created on the basis of their mass-market solution”, “the Role of teachers as “custodians of knowledge” (or teachers of loudspeakers) will disappear in the coming years”…

For developing countries higher education as a temple of science and a smithy guaranteed public education and knowledge becomes spiritually depersonalized market of educational services. Destroyed controversial student living environment, torn ligament “teacher — student” and excludes the possibility of upbringing that only into the hands of the modernizers. With this method of teaching serious science and the formation of a truly Golden Fund of enlightened people in society impossible. Hence, it is necessary to teach the competencies mediocrity or short-term skills that quickly become obsolete — outraged Simchera.

“Modernizers” of Skoltech that offer this infamy to Russia, have noted that the market for remote educational technology belongs to the European and American giants of thought and the fathers of democracy. That is retarded Russian natives for their money have to buy from the sworn friends of the program and technology that will make us and our children even more stupid! Almost the same is written in the programs of the HSE: “…the policy of development of education in Russia was based on ideas about education as a social commitment” (“the Twelve solutions for a new education” HSE and CSR, 2018) and educational institutions of Mr. Mau!

These, sorry, universities for the most part live on budget money and write concepts for New Guinea? For Somalia? For the Horn of Africa? No! They write a theoretical justification for the debilitation of our people for our money to Somaliland!

For themselves and their children “educational bigots” laid quite different criteria.

“The scarcest resource in the educational systems of the future turns out to be a “guru”, quality carriers of this knowledge/experience. Live training will be relatively more expensive as a consequence will be of a premium nature,” write the humane reformers of Skoltech. All right, who are not part of the Golden billion, let him go to… Well, you have guessed where.

The argument of academician Vladimir Betelin

— The basis of the largest economies in the world — industrial production rather than services based on it. The amount of deductions leading companies in the global mass markets of industrial products in the budget determine the level of human life and socio-economic development. For example, taxes in the budget of major us companies account for 27%.

We only have from 1991 to 1998 the volume of industrial production in value terms decreased by 2, 25 times. Trade liberalization has led to the almost complete substitution of domestic goods by imports. To replace the budget losses from the reduction of production was and still is from energy exports: in 1990, 27, 8% of produced oil in 1995 to 56, 2%, in 2014 — 74%. The welfare of the Russian people and the state almost entirely dependent on energy prices in the external market.

In the new global economy, the full integration of Russia into the global market means the absorption or destruction of the few remaining high-tech companies, the final destruction of the remnants of the building, reducing jobs and tax revenues. Eventually, the complete impoverishment of the population and serious risks to the integrity of the country.

And Gref, in Russia more than the poet

Distinguished in the field of destruction of the Soviet industrial education German Gref is now responsible for the development of the country’s post-industrial artificial, that is to say, intelligence (AI). What connects the head of Sberbank and intelligence to figure out, alas, failed. Except his confession that the BEAC has lost billions of rubles due to errors of this AI. And even a couple of hundreds of billions of rubles, which the Russian budget surplus will be allocated to the most AI.

However, the world cyfromania and screams that “AI will save the world!”, quietly come to naught. Of course, in some sectors of the economy robotic figure can significantly reduce costs. Of course, it is easier and faster to create, for example, new models of planes or cars with computers, not drawing boards. Camcorder with elements AI faster and better will determine in a crowd of a criminal than a police Sergeant.

— Artificial intelligence (AI) is a business project, “Google”, “Epple”, “Facebook”, the purpose of which is to make the final irreversible existing significant dependence of its users from these companies. Indeed, every day more than 1, 2 billion people accesses Facebook. Each user spends an average of about 50 minutes a day on social network. On Facebook is spent in each of six minutes on the Internet and each of the five mobile phone. Americans aged 35 to 50 years up on your smartphone about 150 times a day. The aim of the project AI are those online users who don’t see the point in memorizing any large amount of data, because they can be obtained by contacting “Google”, which is they have almost absolute confidence and authority. That is, those who have passed to “Google” the human function to “remember” and prepared for the transfer of human functions to “think”. Among them and Russian gulamani. So there is no digital national traitors, and there is a wish to ride a bike the largest multinational corporations. This is a business, just big business, says Betelin.

However, many serious scientists say louder about the problems with the development of subordinate “intelligence” rests in the fundamental mathematical paradox, discovered by Georg Cantor and Kurt gödel. That is the question whether the success of a machine learning algorithm, was fundamentally unsolvable. So long these “shadow” person will have to know their place.

But if we admit this openly, then immediately and catastrophically collapse the inflated capitalization of monsters for digital success: “Google”, “Intel”, “Facebook”… Based on the myth of the omnipotence of numbers, it will not withstand a collision with ofline. Of course, savvy guys strive to monetize their “Titanic.” But it needs to expand markets not only in the native land, which is already almost full, but among the natives of distant lands. And to teach them to buy again and again no beads…

From the Praetorian guard to the precariat

Imagine how indignant this place Jingo! How so — you cannot compare the God-bearing people with a backward aborigines, who eat cook! Actually work on the “somaliazation” of the Russian education and, consequently, new generations is a lot of years and very successfully. The results we see on the streets of cities and towns. A few “cultural centers” of the type “Sirius”, “the Kvantorium”, “Ticket to the future” — these are isolated cases that do not affect the General trend of degradation. And where they will work after 5-10 years the graduates of these “foci” is the big question.

— All teachers speak about the same problems. The radical decline in children’s motivation to cognition — as if a new generation appeared insurmountable barrier for a new perception. The main motivation is the obtaining of a diploma. And received education in its content seems to them unnecessary, redundant. The drop in the level of abstract thinking, visualization, young people are able to perceive knowledge mainly in the genre of “funny pictures”. A student may not repeat the material learned in your own words, and a graduate student usually does not know what a syllabus. He works on the computer and compiles texts from different sources. The versatility and the Outlook in a critically low condition. Almost completely lack the skills of methodological thinking. There are cases that for graduate students is problematic even understanding of the word “problem”. The vast majority of students is ambition and optimism — skepticism and cynicism. The main goal and objective in life — “to grab a piece of the pie”, says the scientist Vasily Simchera.

Probably, those Somali pirates, attacking merchant ships, also think about your piece of the pie. Teaching our children through “virtual worlds” and “total games” is successful. Hi, head of the HSE and Moscow city Duma Deputy from the ruling party Yaroslav Kuzminov, your “Twelve solutions for new education” is worthy of being implemented!

The Praetorian guard guarded the emperors of the Roman Empire. In fact, day and night, was guarded by the very Empire. Any youth of any Empire is another, but an invisible line of defense. Each generation must absorb the experience of the former, enriching it with new knowledge and already their experiences and to pass on to children. And so it should go forever. Should the chain be interrupted will break the bonds of generations, lost its previous experience and knowledge. And Woe to the nation that will admit it!

In Russia instead of young Praetorians formed a never-seen-before Plast — Plast “precarious proletariat”, or the precariat. Vulnerable who are not able or not willing to have a permanent guaranteed work. Planning horizons, and hence, the responsibility of the precariat — a few days, the future is vague and terrible. They realize the uselessness of the system and society being at all serious. But the worst thing is that for most of the uselessness and irrelevance become normal! And the perennial question: “what is taught, so to speak, the family and the school?” can be answered: to be unnecessary…

— Still on my mind said — “investing in human potential”. Then they started talking — “human capital”, but today in the mind of the reformers hold something unacceptable-inappropriate in the twenty-first century. Namely, “human ballast”. Only a small minority of the most talented, the most successfully and brilliantly educated on the most popular in the global market “competence” (perhaps from the same “Sirius”?) will be able to classify to the “human capital” of those who could leave in a prosperous world and there to sell yourself. In fact, this is the logic of slavery and the slave trade, adjusted for the realities of our time. Because thinking as such cannot be sold, and competence — is possible. Who needs a thinking slave? And competent labor is on the market a certain cost, concludes Vasily Simchera.

P. S. In 2014, our favorite, but windy friend Germany finally refused payment for education, including foreign students. German politicians said that “a key objective of policy is to provide young people in Germany the opportunity to learn and receive a quality higher education for free”.

Idiots! The Minister of education of Russia Dmitry Livanov, prevailing at that time, dot the i for Russia: “over time, you need to fully move to a system of free education. This is very important. If we move away from a free education system, there will be mechanisms that will provide an opportunity to attract new talent. For example, the educational credit”… No comment.

Oh, gods, your gods

Just recently a book was published by the American financier and IT businessman Scott Galloway “Apocalyptic Quartet. Hidden DNA Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google”. The author, from the inside familiar with the customs of these “great guys” with a total value of 2, 3 trillion dollars to Everest world power was over the heads and corpses, says: “Theft is a key competence of the rapidly developing high-tech firms. The sins of the Quartet fall into one of two categories of fraud. The first is the theft of intellectual property from other companies… the Second is to profit from the assets created by others. The first means that future leaders need not rely on his natural ingenuity to come up with innovative ideas. The second is the reminder that the so-called first-mover advantage is not generally an advantage. Pioneers in the industry often end up with an arrow in the back, while the leaders, which appeared later (after Facebook MySpace, after the first Apple PC, Google after the early search engines, Amazon after the first online stores), get the opportunity to eat carcasses of their predecessors, learning from their mistakes by buying their assets and luring their customers.”

Example? Apple CEO Steve jobs, who so valued our Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, simply stole his famous graphical desktop driven by mouse, for PC Macintosh from Xerox. And made billions. In fact, the economic power of the United States began with a theft at the British weavers drawings and latest technology machines. So the theft and legalization of stolen, according to the poor old Galloway, the Americans in the blood. Is it worth to get Russia to play cards with sharpers?! Yes, and according to their rules?!

And another quote specifically for Medvedev: “they (the”Quartet of the devil”) to build such an America where there will be 3 million hosts and 350 million slaves.” Although, maybe she already cast in granite in his office.

FROM THE EDITOR. Of course, if these terrible things not to say on TV, if none of the officials did not hit the bells, then, alas, for most of the population — it’s just the horror stories of the fifth column, who sleeps and sees how to destroy the country. “Somaliazation” of the brain — a contagious thing. And to think on major issues the common man has neither the strength nor the time to survive. But to say and even shout need. After all the money and betrayal of love the silence and gloom. Therefore, the “Academy” and continue this “wonderful” theme — the destruction of the sovereignty of the country from the inside.

But! There is a principle: “Critics? I suggest!” In the next issue we will talk about how the techniques of the enemy to wrap for the benefit of the country, where to find self-reliance, what are the real actions of the authorities can force the situation to change to 180 degrees.

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