In the beginning was the word. And the word was with man. And the word was “Why?”. This “why?” grew it all: space, aviation, nuclear and “nucular bomb”, cell phones, Internet and even remotes for the TV. Grew higher mathematics and semiconductor physics, philosophy and art history, paintings by Michelangelo Buonarroti and mental anguish of Dostoevsky. Genome research and transplantation of internal organs. From “why?” somehow became the modern man. Today it is called intelligent learning. The so-called civilized, or developed, countries strongly welcome it. Spend a huge budget for research, which are often not directly pay off. But in the end lead to a new round of economic development. Our “bright age” of neo-colonialism is not just to survive but to become the first among equals on-to another will not work. Those countries that lovingly grow and nurture science the economy, become metropolises. The rest of the world backward colonies. Russia her servants, officials, particularly the Minister of science Kotyukov, almost drove into a ghetto. Near Yemen and Somalia…

Betrayal or complexes

September 27, knocked six years the imposition of a death sentence by the Russian fundamental science. President Putin signed Federal law No. 253‑FZ “On the Russian Academy of Sciences, reorganizing state academies of Sciences and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”. Fell, probably, the last Bastion of the Soviet legacy, when a huge country in front of their subjects were posed and resolved the Grand problem. The time has come the money changers, and usurers, the “dark ages”, as it was after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Interesting, although someone reminded the President about the Emperor of Byzantium Justinian First Great that made history, closing in 529 ad Plato’s Academy of Sciences in Athens?!

To worry about good scientists, probably not worth it. The most talented either gone, or you can leave at any time. Mail of any promising scientist is Packed with suggestions on cooperation. According almost reposed in the Lord wounds, from Russia to USA, EU, China (the list goes on) to raise foreign science only in 2016, has sent more than 40 thousand specialists. All in all since the beginning of 90-ies moved out of the country more than a million people with higher education. Only in recent years, the number of scientists in research institutes has decreased from 70 to approximately 66 thousand. Even a sad joke appeared: “American universities are the place where Russian professors teach Chinese students.”

And this deep river actual scientific emigration (returned item) will only grow. And it’s not just the shameless destruction of the Academy of Sciences, the fact that the remains of the Russian economy basic science is simply not needed. As a scientist — as dog feels the uselessness. Or as an expensive device that I bought and abandoned in a dusty storeroom.

— In the Soviet Union was created by the state system, when the need for the development of old and new technologies in industry and military Affairs has formed a range of problems that the Academy of Sciences of USSR, solved by distributing tasks on its subordinate institutions. From this view about the role as an instrument in the hands of the government, it follows that the purpose of existence of the Academy was the most accurate and complete solution of its tasks. In the USSR, these tasks were determined by the government and the bodies specifically responsible for planning the development of the country. In Russia there are no officially declared state planning authority which would be responsible for the development of certain industries or the country as a whole, whose decisions would be binding in the Russian Federation at the legislative level, — said head of the laboratory of General physics Institute. A. M. Prokhorov, Russian Academy of Sciences (GPI RAS), doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor Nikolai Ilyich.

Let me tell the reader, there is similar to a provincial hairdresser Monsieur Oreshkin, who heads a people’s Commissariat “economic development”! So Oreshkin is, “Mineconomy— gate” is, and no development. A sort of a gopher, but on the contrary: you can see it, but it is not. In the simulated economy are gophers in order. But what it categorically has no place?

There is no place for basic science, inherited by Russia from the Soviet Union, which was a public instrument “inventing new” to ensure industrial leadership in the country and in the civil and defense sectors. After 1991 the economy of Russia is based on the principle of using the best already “invented” and produced in the world. This economy is not even aimed at the industrial production, therefore, is not required and “inventing new”, and therefore the fundamental science, — konkretisiert academician Vladimir Betelin.

I confess, when every day you see a whole chain of the treacherous actions of our government against native country, in a head thoughts of treason. The collapse of the Soviet Union, with its powerful industrial, educational, scientific (15 national academies of Sciences, jointly solving the state problems!) potential. Under the pretext of inefficiency killed the industry, leaving raw pieces of “his people”. With the filing of the mysterious German Gref brought the Soviet system of classical education in the “Bologna type”. Got wounds that somehow, but could tell on the economic attempts of the authorities: “you Idiots!” Slender is such a conspiracy theory emerges.

But academics think that everything is simpler, more prosaic and therefore more frightening. Our bosses — the American “zombie”.

In accordance with the Constitution of Russia must follow the universally recognized principles and norms, including in the field of fundamental science. And, according to the government, especially the American standards. In the U.S., fundamental research is mainly concentrated in the universities, and therefore Russia should be exactly the same. That is, the fundamental science should be concentrated in the Russian universities, but not in the RAS and its institutes. This is one of the main purposes of reforming of science in Russia, — said Betelin.

Why? Why? What is the purpose? No answer! The main thing — to introduce, to cram, to tag it to, as they have. In man, everything should be foreign and costumes, and citizenship, and schools for children, well, thoughts of course…

Everything else, especially Soviet, should sink into the story, emergently Carthage must be destroyed! Very similar to the mindset of the Bolsheviks, who were a hundred years ago “cats strangled, suffocated”. Only with the opposite sign: there is poor proletariat to unite in order to survive, here and now — billionaires across the country, in a heap in the GOP! Those who do not have a billion to go. This password is the dress code of the current Russian “elite”. It does not sell to a potential enemy, she loved him and enjoyed herself in the middle of the main Avenue. Also created the idol and vystejnova the Russian army itself became for Russia not a potential enemy, and open enemy.

Where did the current Russian government is anti-Soviet hatred? Simple, all according to Freud. Children’s facilities only. Recently let slip the banker-case — mysterious Gref. At the session of the savings Bank at the Eastern economic forum in September this year, he literally gasped: “That’s the pause in the class, my last name started with the letter “g”. And that’s when “today will answer”, and hand the teacher begins… And my heart sinks. Then I think applying your math skills to calculate how fast your finger moves and which part is my last name with the letter “g”. Then I realize that he has passed, I exhale, and then the finger returns back.”

Leave the conscience of the speaker of the sentence: “once began with the letter “g””, now the name of Gref, probably to another letter begins, and ponder the meaning. The boy hysterically afraid of simple call to the Board! We all love him, but after almost half a century to experience these emotions? The boy grew up. The will of the evil fate became close to our Great Justinian and destroyed the education still causes him fear. Destroyed, despite the fact that it was the best in the world, despite the protests, contrary to logic…

The argument of academician Betulina

— AFTER 1991, the principle of using all the best that has been thought and produced in the world, was and remains fundamental for the industry, and for science and for education. Science does not have anything to “think new” to an industry which only uses existing technologies. Education is necessary to prepare specialists only use what is already invented, but not experts on “inventing new”. That is, in the new Russia don’t need no industry, no science, no education inherited from the Soviet Union. As well as industrial, scientific and pedagogical personnel, professing the ideology of “inventing the new.” In fact, the aim of the reforms of science and education and is getting rid of all this junk. For example, from the heads of academic institutes and universities, inherited from the Soviet Union. Replace them with representatives of the new generation, which “invents nothing and is using what is already invented”. Or, for example, the abolition of exams and the assessment system that are the basis of any education. Blind and thoughtless adherence to this principle has led to the need to solve the problem of the withdrawal of the economy from “serious stagnant pit” and defeat poverty.

Wife give uncle. From GOOGLE

But even americaphile these gentlemen strange. To borrow from the best, patiently and gently raionirovanie “it” in our bed — normal. No, take the most cannibalistic samples and as the screw screw to exempt Russia. In this case, the benefit from innovation is always transnational big brother. But not alone…

— According to Gref at an economic forum in Davos, the establishment of a digital economy, it is imperative for our country, because it is a global trend. But the gist of it is to replace employees cheap digital technology and thus give start to the rapid destruction of jobs. The leaders of this global trend are the companies FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, AMAZON and APPLE, and the main beneficiaries — the shareholders of this Quartet. They create significantly fewer jobs than destroy. Black retorts Sberbank already created a similar company. Due to the transfer of the Bank’s services in the digital sphere it is planned to reduce half of the 330 thousand people by 2025. The beneficiaries of this reduction will be only the shareholders of the savings Bank, including 45% of foreigners, says Betelin. The savings under the management of Herman Gref — not of Russian heritage.

This “four devils”, as he writes in his eponymous book, Scott Galloway, became so rich and powerful that “all of America is” destroying jobs, not paying taxes with impunity, dictating his will to the highest political figures. They have little America — they need the whole world. And now officials are taking the program “Digital Russia”, which fabulously enrich Intel. Invest trillions in artificial intelligence and processing Big Data, which is required in FACEBOOK and GOOGLE (and we then buy from them with these technologies). For some reason the last 30 years, our road map, national projects, Federal programs, the words designed to improve the lives of our people, bring huge financial profit is not the domestic companies and shareholders.

Assign pretranslational “vultures” who were afraid to be called to the school Board, responsible for the whole of Russian science, actually means “to feed someone else’s army”. Today, according to many of our scientists, the whole system of scientific work, consciously or unconsciously structured in such a way that it works on anyone but Russia. This mandatory publication in Western journals, and evaluation of all Hersam, is the almost complete lack of clear government strategic objectives. This “SKOLKOVO”, in which crocodiles swim the guys from mit. Alive and swallow the small Russian scientific fish. That have not grown.

Some Karakiyanskiy nonsense reigns in the most important industry of the newest technologies in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. As he told us of the famous biologist, academician Mikhail Ugryumov, “the country has the money to develop new drugs, but strictly to the stage of clinical trials. Clinical already of the required amount of 250 million rubles. Such money in the country anymore”.

It is clear that, having passed a long and thorny path a scholar will go with an outstretched hand and almost ready to develop a new drug to those who give the money. The Americans or the Chinese. And they have several years of clinical trials and the drug on the market! Brings trillions.

The Chinese generally hold a global screening of all drugs that have reached clinical trials. And make them the authors of the proposal, from which hard to refuse. This screening is useless — its not implemented. It’s the same with technology. As they say in the medical Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, “for the last thirty or forty years has not introduced any domestic breakthrough technology in health care. In the best case, well used and a bit moderniziriruyutsya West. At worst there is, and this.”

— All perfectly understand: “science no longer with us. And never will be.” The first person said: “hydrocarbons will last us at least 50 years”. This is a direct indication that everything else is secondary, but if you want to do science, health and, possibly, culture (in the literal sense of the word), then please we can’t stop you. But money does not give. We have no technology, we have materials, we don’t have machinery and equipment, but more importantly, as said Sylvester, “we have no mind”. No one will ever give us up to the level of competition, if only “mind does not appear” and we don’t start to “pour all the money into science, and the “cook” would understand that her children did not live. It’s time to stop puffed up about the great state. All! Forget it! With this, it is necessary either to accept or to convince the public that we need to radically change. Finally you need to get up from head to foot. But in a feudal society it was impossible, and to the other we have not grown,” commented the “an” the situation in the Russian science the famous physicist, who asked not to be named.

The argument of Professor Ilyichev

— PRESENT situation of science in Russia can be defined as the science of the colonial countries. The main feature of a modern country-the colony is massive gratuitous departure from the capital, when the goods which a country produces and sells, and the money for the item received end up in one place — metropolis. It does not matter whether the government invests the money in securities of the metropolis or citizen-colony buys, for example, the real estate there. The export of capital and a high percentage of the loans in Russia hinder the development of the productive part of the economy, as the industry lacks the financial ability to provide for the transition to new technologies. This leads to the fact that the results of scientific activities in the country are currently not in demand.

If you compare the state of science in the USSR and Russia, the most accurate expression would be: a landslide. In history there are example of this destruction of the scientific potential of economically developed countries, it is Germany 30-40-ies of XX century, where this process took place in several stages. Shortly after the Nazis came to power in Germany of the scientists emigrated from the country. Then was discontinued all promising scientific developments, which were not given exit over the next year. Finally, after the defeat of Germany in world war II in 1945, many scientists were forcibly removed from the country. The result of the older generation of German scientists are unable to pass on to younger their knowledge and skills, and the famous scientific schools of Germany have ceased to exist.

It is interesting to note that in 90‑e years in territory of the Russian Federation went trophy team, consisting of scientists from the Ministry of defense, which was picked up for a small coin interested in the results of the work of scientists of the former Soviet Union, and the scientists themselves too.

Breakthrough ago

Vladimir Putin clearly formulated one of the tasks of his current term. Russia needs to break into the top five most numpadenter countries. Join money, to build a synchrotron, Ministers broadcast, running tens of thousands of couriers with a worried look. The case at all. But the real results yet. And, most likely, will not. Well, except in reports on paper that will endure everything. The problem is that the cart, that is science, put before the horse — the economy! And argue with a straight face: “why can’t she come?” and whip you on the “gentle eyes”…

— Confused cause and effect: not science drives the economy of the country, on the contrary, the requirements of a developing economy forced managers of industrial enterprises refer to the scientists to address emerging technological, materials science, or other problems. So if science claims about lack of active implementation of its achievements into practice, then this is a sure sign that the generating part of the economy has problems, says Professor Nikolai Ilyich, in his article “On the Russian science, its role in society and the position of scientists,” written specifically for our publication (see the website of the “Academy”).

The reality is that our country with all the huge and powerful potential of sinking into the abyss is not even third world, and some African countries.

According to official data of the Federal customs service, the basis of Russian exports traditionally was the “fuel and energy products, whose share in the commodity structure of exports accounted for 64, 7%”. And “the share of exports of machinery and equipment — 5, 7%”. But the import just the opposite: “the largest share was accounted for by machinery and equipment — 45, 9%”. We export oil and gas, wheat, scientific discoveries, inventions, brains… Instead of buying a simple technique. For example, elementary Chinese consoles for the total transition to digital television. Do not feel ashamed?

You can harp on TV about his greatness, about a multipolar world, about the huge role of our country in world geopolitics. In some areas where they couldn’t reach the handle sweaty Gref-Oreshkina, for example in the defense industry, we really do roll on a par with the global grants. But all these “Poseidon”, “Daggers” and so on — come from the Soviet science. Hurt is about to end. And “threaten the Swede” is simply nothing. Although perhaps the point of no return we’re already flying…

Alexander CHUIKOV

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