Information about the successful completion of the procedure appeared on the EEC website on Thursday, may 23. Mandatory certification must pass all mobile devices sold on the territory of most CIS countries — Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

It is not known exactly what caused such a large number of new smartphones. Presumably, a separate model code assigned to each color execution Xr updated iPhone or the next version. Unfortunately, the certification card does not contain any detailed information about the technical characteristics and appearance of the device, only the operating system version.

It is expected that in early June, Apple is expected to introduce the latest version of the mobile operating system iOS. However, instead of number thirteen or, in the case of superstition, any other next codes models listed in the certificate number of the current OS — 12. Perhaps Apple will change their rules and all of a sudden summer will show your response to the flurry of revolutionary new products from Samsung and Huawei.

In upcoming iPhone models, according to unconfirmed reports, will be the third rear-facing camera with ultra wide angle lens, and one of the versions will get a telephoto lens with at least a two-fold optical zoom. There is little doubt the function reverse charging, designed to recharge wearable Apple gadgets — smart watches and wireless headphones.

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