Apple today began taking pre-orders for its new flagship smartphone. At the same time to deliver previously ordered iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max cupertinos promise for September 21. However, all this is only available to residents of some countries that were in the first wave of sales. Russia and some other CIS countries must obtain access to new products with a slight delay. But most importantly, to leave Russia pre-orders for the new smartphones will not need to.

In the past year in order to purchase the new iPhone X users would have to pre-order. Without this to device immediately after the start of sales was nearly impossible. It was connected primarily with small volumes of the first batches and some difficulties in the workplace.

Apparently, this year kupertinovtsy to better prepare for the start of sales of new vehicles. Therefore, users from Russia will be possible to just buy an iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max a day of sales. Recall that the sale of new items will be available on September 28.

It is noteworthy that some explain the lack of pre-orders for the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max in Russia is not so much large amounts of the first batches as the high cost of new products.


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