In Russia began work on creating a remote authentication of cellular subscribers in the face and the voice, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to “Rostelecom”, which acts as the operator of the Unified biometric system. The system will speed up the introduction of the virtual SIM-card — eSIM. Now they are testing domestic operators.

To register on the network it will be possible to take pictures at camera computer or phone and saying a few words into the microphone.

ESIM technology provides the possibility of abandoning the traditional SIM card. Instead, it uses a special chip in the device itself. To connect or to change the operator will not have to go to the salon and in the future it can be done, just going through the menus in the phone. Now to get a SIM card, it is necessary to come to the salon and present your passport. With new technology it will need to be done once, in order to identify themselves. CEO says “TMT Consulting” Konstantin Ankilov.

Once verifying your identity, we will be able to connect to the communications services for remotely when information about the identity is stored, and it will be tied to certain parameters, in particular, to the appearance. Total liberty, I guess, in the Russian reality would not be here. That is, the verification of the identity will be clear enough.

— Introducing eSIM somehow globally change the market?

— ESIM can seriously shake up the cellular market due to the fact that the subscriber will be easier to change operator. On the other hand, does not exclude the scenario when a cell phone that we acquire, will be approved by the operator. That is, we will choose the carrier automatically after you select a cell phone. If there will be a total transition of all new connections on the eSIM, the shops will not be needed as the point of getting SIM cards, as connection points: they will be interesting as point of sales devices. Therefore, the disappearance of the saloons as such, not likely to happen, because operators need to have subscribers in walking distance was the point where he will buy the device. It is very important that the machine was purchased which will be installed this operator.

ESIM support the latest smartphones and tablets from Apple, as well as some models of Google, Microsoft, Huawei and Lenovo. The technology also allows users to connect to the network “smart watches”. In Russia it is possible only in conjunction with a telephone. Perhaps the identification will pass through the portal of public services, but the shift to new technology — this is the future, as the devices that currently support the technology eSIM, very expensive. Says the blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of YouTube channel Wylsacom “I think there probably will be tied any services of the type of services that will allow to connect the service, including to verify. Because in order to become a verified member of the program services, you need to pass including the verification process. We have a law which involves the sale and activation of cards only with passport. To correspond to this parameter, introduced this technology. Because in any case, there’s an element of fraud, even if the classic version of the show a passport in the salons of communication, so the security level will be approximately at the same level as now. Now it is implemented, for example, the IPad, and it works with virtual operators, including in Russia. It’s a strange story because you can get a card without a passport. But it is not the Russian operators, so in this case, they are not something to bypass the restriction, they are just under it is not quite fall. But actually the truth is that eSIM support device is quite expensive: it is, for example, Google’s Pixel, which at us generally is not sold, or iPhone. So I would not think it in the moment will lead to some serious consequences, all of a sudden start to use the eSIM, and something terrible will happen. This will happen gradually, and taking into account the cost of devices that support, I think it’s not a serious figure”.

With the end of 2018 technology eSIM works in the US and European countries. Now there are more than 40 supporting eSIM operators. The head of the press service of JSC “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) Anna imasheva told Business FM that the company is actively involved in the project.

In particular, “VimpelCom”, referring to the introduction of eSIM believes that it is important to emphasize that the company is interested in implementing this technology in Russia and within the company already is developing this project. But its effective implementation requires to solve a number of issues related to the security of customers ‘ personal data, a number of normative issues. Also, of course, required to solve a number of complex technical issues. After solving all these issues we will be ready as soon as possible to deploy this technology on its network and in their stores.

— Specifically about system of remote authentication for face and voice you know something?

— There are many different variants of this technology. As I said, now all the operators at the initial stage of this technology.

At the same time, the Ministry of communications in its letter to the operators of the Federal communications Agency, Roskomnadzor, sectoral institutions reported that the regulatory framework for the virtual SIM card, requires adjustment. How to write “Izvestia” with reference to the letter, adjustments will be discussed at a working meeting with industry representatives in early October. One of the issues to be discussed is the manner in which authentication of a subscriber during the activation process eSIM remotely.

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